What kind of security does my business need?

As a business owner, you probably know what kind of security you could have. Security cameras, access control systems, monitored alarms, etc - the options are endless. But you might not know what kind of security your business needs. In this article, we’ll cover a few pieces of technology that are considered “must have” when it comes to protecting your business in today’s world.

#1 Video Surveillance

Maybe the most well-known type of security technology out there and for good reason, video surveillance provides such a wide variety of benefits that owners in retail situations will typically consider this a “no-brainer.” But in case you aren’t convinced, here’s what video surveillance does for you:

  • Intruder identification: If you choose a high-quality security system, then identifying intruders becomes very simple.
  • Better clarity: A surveillance camera allows you to know exactly what happened whenever an alarm goes off. For instance, if it was a false alarm or a glitch, video surveillance can make that clear - ultimately saving time for everyone.
  • Operations monitoring: Not all security threats come from burglars. If an employee is not following procedure and inadvertently causes a security problem, video surveillance will tell that story.

Overall, it’s worth investing in video surveillance because it’s the only form of security that can fill you in on the details when there’s a problem.

#2 Access Control

Old fashioned lock-and-key systems are fine as far as they go, but no one should be fooled that they’re totally secure. Keys can be lost or stolen. Lock picking is easier than ever, with extensive tutorials available online to anyone who looks. What’s more, every time you issue a new key your security risk increases.

Digital access control systems solve all of these problems quite neatly. High-quality electronic locks can’t be picked. The system can be customized so that certain individuals only have access during business hours, decreasing any risk if a keycard is stolen.

Finally, an access control system is eminently scalable. No matter how many access points you’re dealing with, it’s still easy to customize a solution that works for you.

#3 Security Alarm Systems

Surveillance lets you understand what’s happening in your business, access control lets you keep out threats, and alarm systems notify you when something goes wrong. Intrusion alarms for businesses work much the same way they do in homes - if a door or window is accessed unexpectedly, they go off. This simple functionality is a necessity for safeguarding your equipment and your employees.

#4 Enterprise systems

Finally, once your business becomes large enough, an enterprise system that integrates alarms, locks, and cameras into one usable and scalable system becomes very important.

What exactly is an enterprise security system? Simply put, it’s a series of smaller security systems professionally designed and installed to work with a large and growing business in an efficient and scalable way. This might be a system of cloud-based software that manages all access control, security alarms, and surveillance at once.

These systems are crafted by professionals such as Allied Fire and Security for your use.

What kind of security does my business need?

It’s worth noting that this is a very individual question. Naturally, if your business is just starting out, an enterprise security system won’t be necessary yet. But chances are you’ll need each of these four options at some point in your life cycle.

You don’t have to guess! If you want to know exactly what sort of security your business needs, contact Allied Fire and Security at 800-448-8338 and one of our security consultants will help you.

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