What kind of fire alarm company does your business need?

Every commercial property should have a fire alarm system - if not for legal reasons, then for reasons of common sense. But finding a system and a fire alarm company that works well with you can be a challenge. In this article we’ll cover the different types of fire alarm vendors you can find, and discuss the right one for your needs.

The three types of fire alarm company

There are three basic varieties of a fire alarm system, and by extension fire alarm company, that a business can use. They are:

  • Open Distribution fire alarm systems: These fire alarm systems are sold to anyone, without restrictions.
  • Proprietary Fire alarm systems: These systems are often quite sophisticated, but can only be installed and serviced by a given company. Proprietary fire alarm systems are often integrated with automation systems, and have exceptional monitoring capabilities.
  • Distributor Channel fire alarm systems: A hybrid between the other two types - these are available to anyone, but only through select dealers. These dealers usually partner with the original manufacturers, and must receive specialized training in order to become a partner. This ensures quality installation and service by each of the selected dealers.

Which should you choose? This depends on you, and how much you are willing to sacrifice security for economy. Obviously you can get the best deal on open distribution fire alarm systems, but you are rolling the dice when it comes to the price and quality of services such as installation, integration, and repair.

Proprietary fire alarm systems, on the other hand, offer maximum security. But in many cases, they may be more expensive.

What type of fire alarm company are we?

Mike P crop small.jpgWe install proprietary Silent Knight custom fire alarm systems, tailored to the needs of an individual business. Commercial systems include fire alarm panels, sirens, and smoke detectors. Our goal is to work with businesses to provide the best possible security for their business needs.

Fire alarm monitoring is done by Alarm Center Inc. in Lacey Washington. They are a trusted, CSAA-certified monitoring center that has consistently earned the accolades of businesses for their service and professionalism.

In addition, we provide yearly testing and inspection of every system we install.

Again, the best fire alarm company for you depends on your needs. But if you’re looking for fire security that you can trust with your life, then we have what you need.




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