Easy Ways to Make Your Office a Safe Place to Work

An office is seen as a fairly safe place. It’s indoors and not out on a construction site, for example. But even though it may seem like a safe place, it could always be safer. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make your office a safer...

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How Hacking Will Change The Future Of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras have become a staple part of security. They are now essential parts of home and commercial security. These cameras are highly valued because they help give users a wider range of protection, which allows them to view all...

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How a Seattle Employee Caught Burglars with Remote Video Surveillance

A Seattle cannabis store employee could have been binge watching Game of Thrones. Instead, from the comfort of his own living room, he witnessed someone break into his place of employment, tie up his co-workers, and begin to raid the store.

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PSIM Provides Advanced Building Intelligence

by Allan B. Colombo

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Upgrading Your Video Surveillance System

The video surveillance system you use every day is a lot like the car you drive or the cell phone you use. Every few years it’s necessary to upgrade or replace them. More often than not you do this because of the new features and improvements...

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Internet Access to Your Video Surveillance Systems

Twenty-five percent of all security equipment purchased in the United States involves video surveillance. To give you a perspective of how big that is, it exceeds the sale of burglar alarm devices by 3 percent--and electrically-operated burglar...

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The Importance of Installing Enterprise Security System for Your Business

Businesses often overlook security until it's already too late. While there's long been a great deal of talk about cybersecurity, organizations also need to think about protecting their physical assets and their employees. A cutting-edge,...

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Allied's President, Jay Hunt, Talks Bank Security on Northwest Weekly

Today, banks need unparalleled security that allows room for changing customer demographics and preferences. Gone are the days of large bank vaults and stacks of on-hand cash, although some banks do still work this way. In today’s security...

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Allied Ranks Top 40 on SDM's Top Security Systems Integrators Report

The security systems integration business has always been a volatile one but Allied Fire & Security continues to be one of the top security systems integrators in the country.

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Installing Fake Cameras & Equipment Can Be Dangerous

Business safety and security should be a major concern for any business owner. The presence of a solid security system with video surveillance installed properly can help make your customers and your employees feel safe and secure. If your...

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