Did I lock the door? Security systems in Portland

The number one security concern of Americans out and about? Whether they remembered to lock the front door. 75 percent of people polled in one survey were uncertain whether they did or not. When you’re looking at security systems in Portland,...

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Saving on homeowner’s insurance in Portland Oregon - with residential security systems

On average, you can decrease your homeowners insurance by 20% when you install a residential security system.

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How to increase your security before buying a home security alarm system

Home security alarm systems are a great investment, protecting you from fires and burglars, the two menaces of modern homeowners. While you are considering which system might be right for you, there are things you can do on a DIY basis that will...

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Portland Crime Rates - Protect Your Home or Business

Property crime rates may be lower than they were ten years ago in the Portland area, but this is no reason to say you should ease up on protection. Buying a security system can still help you to keep these rates down.

According to citydata.com,...

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