Keep a 24 Hour Watch on Your Business

“Trust but verify,” they say. You may trust your security systems, but how do you know if they’re really working? You check. With automated security systems, you can watch your business through your security cameras at a moment’s notice. All you...

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Critical Security Update for WannaCry Ransomware Attack

You may have heard on the news recently about the WannaCry Ransomware attack. If you haven't, on Friday May 12th, many users of Windows based systems around the world were affected by a malicious "WannaCry" software. Microsoft has provided a...

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Portland, Seattle, and Spokane Crime Spark the Need for Comprehensive Solutions from a Security System Integrator

Theft is a real problem in Spokane, Portland, and Seattle. In Spokane, there were 12,455 reported incidents of theft in 2014. Crime rates in Spokane are actually 208 percent higher than the national average. There were also 28,036 thefts in ...

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Business Loss Prevention with Video Surveillance

To be successful, a business needs a high quality business loss prevention system in place. Loss prevention is a set of practices designed to limit preventable profit losses, which  include sound operational policies and holding employees...

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5 Features of the Best Business Security Systems Today

Are you looking for the top features of today's best business security systems in areas including Seattle, Portland and Spokane? This fast-moving industry provides plenty of high-tech solutions, but it's important to know what the best are for ...

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PSIM Provides Advanced Building Intelligence

by Allan B. Colombo

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Upgrading Your Video Surveillance System

The video surveillance system you use every day is a lot like the car you drive or the cell phone you use. Every few years it’s necessary to upgrade or replace them. More often than not you do this because of the new features and improvements...

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Why More Retail and Manufacturing Companies are Migrating to Enterprise Security Systems

Installing commercial security systems is a major consideration for business owners who rightfully view the physical security of their premises as critical to their operations. While there's long been a lot of talk about cybersecurity, it is...

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Make the Switch to Internet Monitoring

The Internet provides more than just entertainment, e-commerce, and a way to convey thoughts and ideas to others. In fact, Allied Fire & Security uses the Internet to monitor alarm systems of all types, such as security and fire alarms. We also...

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Allied Ranks Top 40 on SDM's Top Security Systems Integrators Report

The security systems integration business has always been a volatile one but Allied Fire & Security continues to be one of the top security systems integrators in the country.

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