You’re a Millennial and You Need Smart Security

When you are child of the 90s or 2000s, you expect of lot of things in life. You want people to accept you as you are and recognize how important you are to their business or the world. You work towards that ideal and you want everybody else to live up to that ideal as well. However, the defining characteristic of being a “millennial” is an emphasis on instance and centralization. Things not only have to be fast; they have to be simple as well.

This is just as much the case with home security. You want your systems to be quick and effective all at once. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you have access to all sorts of different systems which all offer different perks. So let’s go over some of the most important things you should keep in mind as you are shopping around for a smarter security system.

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The Things That Make New Smart Security Systems So Awesome

Centralized Functionality.

One of the important characteristics of the Millennial we mentioned earlier was “centralization.” The current generation loves having everything in hand, ready to go exactly the way they want it at the push of a button. Indeed, that is where the idea of “smart” technology really comes from. It knows what you want of it and it gives that to you.

So it’s important that you find a security system which keeps everything localized into a single function. Whether it’s operating cameras, smoke detectors, or floodlights, everything needs to be right there, easily accessible and prepared for anything.

Greater Self-Security.

With this emphasis on ease of use and centralization comes the need for greater security. No, we do not refer to the security of your home. We’re talking about the security of the system itself. With everything available to you in a single app, and likely on a wireless connection, it is more vulnerable to outside parties such as hackers.

So a smart security system will be able to not only protect you and your home, but itself as well. With the use of firewalls and antivirus, as well as physical barriers to prevent tampering, it will be that much more difficult for cronies and crooks to disable it.

What are the Benefits to Be Reaped?

A smart security system can work all sorts of great wonders for the Millennial family living in the Pacific Northwest. With the booming home market around here, there is also a booming crime presence that accompanies any mass immigration from other parts of the country. Protecting yourself with a smart security system will help to keep those disreputable folks away.

But a state-of-the-art system will also do other things that you may not be aware of: You may be eligible for discounts on your homeowners insurance and when you are ready to sell your home, buyers may be more willing to invest in a safe and secure home. Insurance and real estate agencies love seeing a nice security system installed in your house. With a system like that, not only will it prove attractive to potential buyers but it will also make it easier for  the real estate agents to get it sold. Since it does come with added security beyond the complementary storm door and deadbolt, this may help you receive offers at your asking price or close to it.

So these are several of a number of reasons you should seriously look at a security system that also automates your home. The quality of your life will increase as you enjoy this little distant corner of the country with peace of mind. Be sure to call us 1-866-885-3250 or contact us for more information about smart security and home automation.




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