Why You Want to Make a Smart Home

The Internet age has ushered in a new era of interactivity, the likes of which had never before been imagined. Commerce, entertainment, and everything in between has changed (many say for the better) to the point that most professional fields are not even a shadow of what they were fifteen years ago before the turn of the century. The same can be said with security and real estate.

What is the Smart Home?

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The Internet age has produced what many home buyers and real estate agents refer to as a “smart home.” The main difference between this new generation of homes and their older counterparts is the regular introduction of technology to make life easier and more controllable. Smart homes are distinguished by advanced security systems that employ cameras and electronic locks activated by a wireless signal, as well as technology that centralizes control of the home’s many functions.

Why Should I Make These Changes?

Buyers today are gravitating towards these smart homes, so it is important to understand how you can work your house towards this prime position. But more importantly, it is necessary to understand why these types of houses are so attractive. So let’s look into that little, but complicated, question.

Connectivity and Simplicity

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One of the biggest reasons that smart homes sell 60% faster than other homes with similar floor plans is that buyers want tighter control over their home. They want to see the carbon monoxide detector fused with the smoke detector as a part of the security network, which can also be activated from a central hub that contains the thermostat. Simplicity is the name of the game these days and real estate is no exception.

Smart homes grant this simplicity by mounting all functions, from temperature control to lighting to, of course, security, into a single chassis. When you have a this functionality in your home you can do everything from that one location. Homes become even more attractive when the smart features also possess wireless or mobile capability, increasing the user’s convenience.

Fast Sellers

Another big reason you should consider introducing smart features into your house is that it appeals to a wide audience. The current home buyer market is composed dominantly of Gen X and Millennials, and they all want a smart home. Gen Xer’s recognize that this new technology makes life convenient for them and are still at a young enough age to learn how it works. As a result, they gravitate towards smart homes because they know that it’s a smart investment.

Millennials, on the other hand, gravitate towards them solely because these features are now expected. Millennials are starting to enter the professional market, and large numbers of them are turning to freelance or contractor work. As a result, they are looking for things that will grant them more control when they are away from home on business without being too expensive. Smart homes grant them this level of flexibility.

A smart home will not only make life much easier and more comfortable for you, but it will also make your home that much easier to sell when the time comes. An investment like this is not something you should shy away from. If you’re interested in a smart home, be sure to contact us at 1-866-885-3250 to find out how we can help.






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