Why More Retail and Manufacturing Companies are Migrating to Enterprise Security Systems

Installing commercial security systems is a major consideration for business owners who rightfully view the physical security of their premises as critical to their operations. While there's long been a lot of talk about cybersecurity, it is every bit as important to ensure your business facilities are physically secured as well. Security doors, alarms and video surveillance are important components to any such security system. However, as technology advances, security for enterprise retail and manufacturing companies is becoming ever more important.

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Improved Monitoring

Video surveillance might not be anything new, but modern technologies provide a far wider range of features including the ability to remotely monitor your premises over the Internet. Improved video compression techniques also allow you to store hundreds of hours of video feeds from multiple surveillance cameras while also providing live feeds that you can view both locally and remotely. Although black and white cameras tend to work better in areas of low lighting, colour feeds present the advantage of making it easier to identify possible suspects. High-end surveillance systems may also provide night vision.

Effective Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have also improved in recent years, overcoming common issues, such as excessively high sensitivity, that often plagued them before. An enterprise-ready alarm system should also be able to provide notifications, typically by phone, Internet or both. A good alarm system not only serves as a deterrent: it keeps you informed and can even automatically contact local law enforcement officers on your behalf in the event of a potential security breach. Enterprise alarm systems are typically controlled by key codes allowing employees to deactivate them by entering a code whenever they're on-site.

Security Doors and Locks

Security for nterprise retail and manufacturing companies should always include reinforced security doors and locks, particularly when it comes to safeguarding areas containing valuable merchandise or confidential customer and business information. However, it is important to remember that any security door is only as good as its lock, so you'll need to secure your facility with grade 1-certified locks. Doors should also be constructed from reinforced materials and be completely kick-proof.


Migrating to an enterprise-ready security system can also reduce your insurance premiums. Due to the significantly decreased risk of break-ins and other possible security breaches, insurance companies will likely offer a generous discount on your insurance package. Additionally, your insurance company will likely have strict minimum security requirements for the policy to even be valid.



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