Video Surveillance is Always On Your Side

Even If the Video Setup Seems Like It Failed, It Might Still Be Working For You

Video surveillance is becoming a more common way for Americans to protect their homes. But what happens when the most ironic of all robberies occur?

Banks, jewelry stores, and other institutions where valuables are kept always have some kind of video surveillance system installed. In recent years, heightened security concerns as well as technological advancements to make such devices more affordable have influenced people to have video surveillance equipment installed in their own homes. One of the biggest questions these customers face when they purchase these devices is how reliable they are in actually catching a perpetrator. Are they really worth the time and expense?

A chicken farmer from Colquitt County, Ga., must have asked himself those same questions on January 14, 2015, when burglars broke into his home and stole several electronics, including his own video surveillance system (source: WALB-TV). Knowing that the very equipment designed to prevent theft can itself get stolen might dissuade several people from buying it themselves. However, this story has a unique twist that may suggest otherwise.

The farmer did an Internet search for his missing equipment, one of which was a motion detection system using Wi-Fi technology. Soon enough, he found his missing system, but discovered so much more. The stolen devices captured images of drug dealers performing their illegal activities, which caught the attention of local authorities who had been looking for these people for quite some time. The dealers were identified and quickly arrested with theft and drug possession, and they currently remain in the county jail. The stolen items, including the surveillance equipment, were found and returned to the farmer.

Don’t EVER Give Up

Once the stolen camera entered a Wi-Fi range, it began broadcasting its images again, allowing the farmer to view the captured files and footage from his home. His cell phone and other devices managed to access over 1,700 pictures, and investigators could see the inside of the house where the criminals had set up the equipment.

This story goes to show you the importance of a sophisticated video monitoring system. It’s not just about having hidden cameras in a few choice locations, users need to familiarize themselves with every piece of equipment and how each of them work. You can never predict when a burglary might strike, and similarly, you never know who might be aware of your security system and figured out a way to work around it, or so they think. By knowing the ins and outs of all your devices, you can remain one step ahead of any intruders.

So even if the worst should happen and your video surveillance equipment gets stolen, there’s no need to assume your system failed. There are ways to make sure your cameras are still functioning and able to catch the perps. Whether you’re an IT specialist or a simple chicken farmer from Georgia, a video security system is a worthwhile purchase.




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