Tips to Keep your Spokane Rental Property Safe

Beyond providing basic shelter to the occupants, your rental property should keep your Spokane tenants and their belongings safe and secure. For this reason, you as the landlord must take every proactive step to ensure that your units offer protection against burglary, break-ins or any other unforeseen eventuality. The enhanced security will significantly increase your renter’s overall satisfaction, causing them to continue renting from you for a longer period of time.

If you want pointers on how to keep your Spokane rental property safe, the following are some brilliant suggestions.

Secure the main entry points

Examine your doors to establish just how secure they are. Do they have flimsy wood that can give in easily when kicked? If they do, consider replacing or reinforcing the door with a tougher solid wood or metal door. Such doors will give intruders a difficult time getting in. Moreover, ensure that your doors have a reliable locking system. The law requires that the rental property's main doors have a deadbolt. Whether you go for a single or double cylinder deadbolt is entirely your choice. However, since your intention is to boost security, you are better off with the dual cylinder models especially if the door is close to a window.

Handle the keys well

Rental Property Locks and Security SystemsNo matter how burglar proof you make the doors, if you are careless with the keys, your property remains vulnerable. Hence, put in place measures that guarantee your keys are always in a safe place or with the intended people. Firstly, you being the landlord, you will naturally have a master key to the property. Make sure that key remains locked up in a safe and secure location where only you have access. Remember, that if a malicious person uses your key to enter your tenant’s apartment, the law will hold you liable. Secondly, ensure that you only entrust the key to your tenant. Finally, form the habit of changing or rekeying the front, back or any other locks each time a tenant vacates the property.

Reinforce your windows

Inspect the windows of your Spokane rental property to ensure that it is impossible for a person to open them from outside. Furthermore, bearing in mind that a burglar can still smash a window and gain access, consider installing keyed locks to reinforce the latch mechanism. The installed lock will make it difficult for a burglar to get through, even after smashing the window. Security Systems for Rental Property

Install a Security System

If there is a device that is quite capable when it comes to deterring burglars, it is a security system. They come in a variety of shapes, functionalities, and sizes to suit your budget and property type. When shopping for one, take the time to understand how the unit works and find out if the installation comes with any long-term binding contracts. Moreover, be present during the security system installation to get a better understanding of how it operates, and inform your tenants about the fitting.

The good thing with most security devices is that they are easy to install and use. You only need to have the right access code, and you are all set. Furthermore, most tenants wouldn’t mind paying extra if it means staying in a property that has security systems installed. Which means that you can include the security system subscription cost into the rent.

Install adequate lighting

Keep Your Rental Property SecureMost thieves prefer to operate in darkness. So, what better way to impede their wretched nocturnal activities than by sufficiently illuminating your property? Depending on your budget, you can choose to install motion sensor security lighting all around your property, or you could just install a solid security lighting at your home’s main entrance. Moreover, ensure that all the public areas on your property such as the lobby, the stairs, and any potential hiding places, are well lit.

Get rid of all likely hiding places

Another method of securing your Spokane rental property is by making it impossible for a person to hide in or near the property. That means removing shrubs, tall trees, bins, ladders or any other out of place objects, which can offer a burglar a nice hiding spot.

Publicize that your property is secure

Mounting security signage or stickers on a prominent or visible location on your property, which informs passersby that the assets are under protection, can be a novel way of keeping thieves away from your property. Useful places to put the signs include the main gate entrance to your property, or on your front door. However, refrain from providing too much information about the brand, model, manufacturer or the kind of security solution you are using, as experienced burglars can use such info to bypass or even disarm the system.


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