The Importance of Installing Enterprise Security System for Your Business

Businesses often overlook security until it's already too late. While there's long been a great deal of talk about cybersecurity, organizations also need to think about protecting their physical assets and their employees. A cutting-edge, enterprise-ready security system can alert you of attempted break-ins, trigger alarms, contact law enforcement offices on your behalf, provide video surveillance and much more.

Choosing a Surveillance System

Any good Seattle business security company should be able to install a video surveillance system for you, although there are cheaper DIY alternatives available that present an easily installable solution. Following are some other important considerations:

  • Outdoor cameras are normally more expensive, since they require appropriate weatherproofing. Cameras in industrial locations, such as warehouses and factories, may also need to be of a sturdier build and able to withstand large amounts of dust and dirt.
  • Monochrome video surveillance systems are cheaper than color ones, and recorded videos take up less space. Monochrome cameras also tend to work best in locations with poor lighting, although night-vision is also available. Businesses should still have at least one color surveillance camera as well.
  • Wireless security systems tend to be much easier to install, but you'll need something that offers an excellent range and is able to reliably transmit through walls and other surfaces. Wired systems, by contrast, tend to be more reliable and more suitable for when you need 24-hour monitoring.


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Installing Security Doors

While a surveillance system can serve as both a deterrent and a monitoring system, it is also essential to physically secure your premises by choosing suitable doors and locks. Security doors can be made from a wide variety of materials, although steel is usually the strongest. Choose solid doors that are completely kick-proof, and secure them with a grade-1 lock. After all, a security door is only as good as its lock. Grade-1 locks are the most secure of three grades, and they are tested to withstand vigorous stress tests.

Installing an Alarm System

An alarm is a critical part of any complete business security system. A business alarm system should also provide access codes so that employees can shut them off when they are present. Other important factors include the sensitivity of alarms based on motion sensors and the way you are alerted in the event of a potential security breach. Some alarms are connected directly to law-enforcement offices, while others will send a notification to your phone should something happen.



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