Security: Why You Need To Be Videofied

Don’t you hate it when your alarm system goes off when there’s nothing wrong? Emergency personnel trained to respond to all notifications sure do. Videofied has stepped in to combat this problem by making video footage easily accessible so dispatchers can verify the alarm.

You see it all the time on old sitcoms. A crime-fearing family installs a high-tech security system in their home, only to have it go off at the most inopportune moments and annoy the neighbors. Sure, it looks funny on television, but it’s no laughing matter for homeowners and emergency personnel dispatchers who take every alarm seriously.

False alarms occur far more often than you might think. According to, 98% of all alarm calls made in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2013 were false alarms, costing the city $750,000 in taxpayer money. Ouch! So what can be done about this? We need a way to make sure an alarm call is a real emergency without going lenient on the response time. This is where Videofied comes in.


Keeping An Eye Out For You

Videofied is an alarm system consisting of well-placed security cameras which transmit footage directly to a central station. Unlike some of the fancier camera systems, this one uses low-resolution images. Why? Because those images transmit more quickly to emergency personnel and dispatchers can see what’s going on in real time.

Once criminal activity has been verified, authorities will make their way over to the scene immediately. Because Videofied works at such a fast pace, very little time is lost in confirming the emergency. In addition, no energy is wasted responding to false alarms, making dispatchers more ready for the real ones.

How Videofied Can Help You

Videofied will benefit you as a home and property owner, since faster response times mean criminals will not have as much of a chance to steal items, damage property, or even cause injury to another. In addition, this system will benefit the insurance industry, as faster arrests will mean fewer processed claims. Also, the increase in reaction will reduce the likelihood of other would-be crooks attempting similar actions. The rule of thumb is one arrest prevents 30 robberies afterward.

Videofied is an automated, 24-hour system which does not require monitoring on your part. The system is battery-operated and can be installed anywhere. All it requires is a phone connection, whether it be through a cellular network or Ethernet cables. The cameras capture activity within a 30-foot radius, and will not be affected by inclement weather. The best part is, the panel only communicates outwardly to dispatchers, so there’s no danger of compromising your network security or someone tapping into the system.

Other alarm systems may tell you quickly when the alarm was tripped, but won’t give any further details. Videofied not only tells you when the alarm was triggered, but also who or what managed to trigger it. This kind of rapid communication is crucial in order to keep your home or business secure, and to prevent law enforcement from wasting its time if the alarm was triggered by accident. When there is literally no time to lose, it’s time to step up the game.

For more information on video verification and purchasing Videofied for your home or business, please contact one of our security experts at 1-866-885-3250 today.




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