Security Systems – They’ve Come a Long Way

There are many high-tech security systems available from Allied Fire and Security, all of which are top-notch. But have you ever wondered how homes and businesses protected their assets before we were blessed with modern technology?

Allied Fire and Security is proud to offer the latest technological advancements in home and business security. We have options such as video surveillance, strongboxes, and access control. The latest idea sweeping the area is home automation, where a homeowner can monitor and control several devices such as lights, heat, and door locks from a smartphone or tablet.

Our company, as well as our customers, could not be more grateful for the gifts today’s technology has given us, allowing us to have more peace of mind than ever before. This is especially true when you consider previous generations of security systems and how they were far less sophisticated. How did they fare back then? Let’s take a look back.

The Need for Security Begins

The Roaring Twenties brought strong feelings of elation throughout the United States. It was a time of speakeasies, flappers, jazz music, and organized crime. Naturally, there was a great deal of concern about protecting the home and other properties, so alarm systems became a high demand. Insurance companies began offering discounts to customers who subscribed to an alarm service.


The systems, considered rather advanced at the time, consisted of electromagnetic contacts which would be attached to doors and windows. The magnets were connected to a battery-powered bell which would ring if someone tried to break in. A central station monitored the alarm system and would send a guard to the home whenever it was triggered. Homeowners who were not as sophisticated often subscribed to a service known as door shakers, where a guard would come to the house each night to literally shake the door to make sure it was locked.

High-Tech Security Systems: The Advent of Video Monitoring

The origin of video cameras can be traced back to the 1880s, when Thomas Edison developed the first machine for recording movement. The idea of using these machines for surveillance, however, didn’t come about until 1939, when the Univex 8mm Camera was invented. It was small enough to be placed in the palm of your hand, so people in Hollywood had the idea of using this device to record surveillance footage in private sectors.

In the 1970s, video surveillance began making its way into common American homes. A large part of the system was a motorized camera which moved along a track on the front wall. Through small peepholes, the camera took pictures of the outside and sent the images to a monitor located in a separate room. The images were grainy and provided a limited view, but the system did come with an intercom, a switch for the door lock, and a button to activate the alarm.

These methods of protecting one’s home and business may seem primitive by today’s standards, but they were the picture of innovation for their time. This trend continues today, as Allied Fire and Security uses innovative devices and the latest technology to keep your property safe. And this is just the beginning. We are always on the lookout for even more trends in technology, and are sure to take advantage of every new aspect to provide the utmost security for generations to come. If you have any interest in modern day high-tech security systems or video surveillance packages, please contact one of our security experts today at 1-866-885-3250.



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