Business Security in Seattle - More Important Than Ever

Property crimes are on the rise in Seattle. But the governor of Washington state recently called for more lenient punishments for offenders. This may call for tighter business security in Seattle. What would that entail?

Why you need business security in Seattle

If there was ever a time for businesses in the Seattle area to emphasize the importance of their security systems, it would be now.

The Seattle Times recently reported the state of Washington has the highest property crime rate in the United States, and prisons have become stuffed beyond their capacity. During a recent five-year stretch, property crime increased throughout the state despite there being a decrease in the national average. King County itself accounts for nearly one-third of these crimes.

In response to this, Governor Jay Inslee declared people who get arrested for property crimes should be placed on supervision instead of being sent to prison. This makes Washington the last state in the U.S. to make supervision an optional sentence for crimes like this, but the action has still raised some concerns among the citizens of the area. (Source:

Would Lenient Punishments Work?

The thinking behind the decision was the tendency for people who commit property crimes to serve short jail sentences without much follow-up rehabilitation. As a result, there is not much motivation for these criminals to avoid repeating their actions. The new decree would increase law enforcement and administer new programs to support victims of these crimes, as well as increase supervision.

There is much debate over whether this plan will be effective. Some believe having watchful eyes over the perpetrators would make them less likely to act up again, but others insist these “slap on the wrist” punishments will only increase the crime rate. If offenders know they won’t be going to prison for their crimes, they might see this as more freedom to do whatever they want.

Regardless of who’s right, this certainly calls for added security for businesses in the area.

Getting the Right Security System

A 2007 report from KOMO news explained the importance of comparison shopping for the right security system. Not only would you need to cover the cost of installation and regular monitoring, but there may be a contract involved as well. The thing to remember about a contract is that some automatically renew themselves, so you may find yourself with an unexpected charge in your bank account after two or three years. Before installing the system, read the contract carefully to see if this is the case. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to monitor your method of monitoring. (Source:

Speaking of which, this decision has also amplified the need for monitored security systems. A non-monitored system might scare off a would-be criminal, but no one would be notified of the event and the perpetrator could easily get away. A better choice would be to spring for the monitoring fees so an alarm dispatcher will contact the authorities right away. If the governor commands more supervision, you can certainly play your part.

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