Seattle Security Companies and Crime Sources Report on Home Invasions

As you’re reading this, a violent crime is happening somewhere in Seattle. The Seattle police crime dashboard, which is published monthly, shows there have been more than 34,700 crimes in the city this year.

Home Security in Seattle - Seattle Crime Rates


When a violent crime happens, it's even more devastating than a property crime. Property can be replaced. But it takes a lot longer for physical and emotional wounds to heal. Especially when the violent crime happens in your home.

In June 2016, a string of home invasions targeting one of the must vulnerable populations in the city – the elderly – left police scrambling to find the perpetrators. These men barged into the homes of several older women, terrorizing and physically abusing them, as they demanded cash.

In the United States, more than two million homes are disrupted by violent invaders each year and burglaries overall have increased by more than two percent in the last decade.

Security Companies in Seattle are Preventing Crime One Home at a Time

Seattle resident safety depends upon fire and burglar alarms and other forms of security technology to stop crime and keep residents safe. Seattle residents utilizing these important safety tools not only increase their home’s security, but also their peace of mind.

Cloud Security System AppOne benefit of these systems is that they can be monitored from your mobile phone, automatically alerting police if your home is breached. When you add a low-cost video surveillance system to the mix, you will be able to view your home remotely from any digital device.

These easily installed HD cameras store video evidence in the cloud – the one place where criminals can’t get to it. Some features include weatherproof outdoor cameras with smart notification that alerts you if the system goes down for any reason. They have motion and sound detectors that can be set up to ping your digital device. They even offer night vision infrared – criminals will no longer be able to use the cover of darkness to violate your property.

More sophisticated systems include home automation features so you can turn down the thermostat or turn up the lights when you’re not there. You can monitor and control these systems from any digital device wherever there is Internet access. Email and text alerts send important reminders and you can remotely arm or disarm your security system from afar. In today’s digitally focused society, you don’t even need a landline to run and monitor these systems.

For the ultimate home protection, we highly recommend adding 24/7 call center monitoring to your alarm package. The biggest benefit is that our team of experts can be watching your home when you are not. Given the crime rate in Seattle and neighboring Tukwila, named the “most dangerous city in America,” it is imperative that Seattle security conscious residents focus on adding the most protection possible to keep their homes safe.

Many of our clients also believe strongly that home security also requires an internal backup, such as safes and vaults that can store valuables like jewelry or cash. You can store important papers in fire-resistant vaults or lock away a weapon in a childproof gun safe.

Protecting the Elderly from Home Invasion

For the elderly, who might not use mobile phones or have the extra funds for a sophisticated security system, there are many solutions today to protect a home or apartment at very low cost, such as wireless video surveillance cameras and a monitored alarm panel that does not require extensive wiring.

Many family members purchase these system for their elderly loved ones and they start at approximately $99.00 with monitoring as low as $1 per day. Security technology today is much more convenient, affordable, and easy to install than in the past, so if you think you can't afford it, it makes sense to contact a security expert and explore all of your options.


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