How a Seattle Employee Caught Burglars with Remote Video Surveillance

A Seattle cannabis store employee could have been binge watching Game of Thrones. Instead, from the comfort of his own living room, he witnessed someone break into his place of employment, tie up his co-workers, and begin to raid the store.

Video Surveillance on iPhoneThe employee was able to immediately alert authorities. Thanks to his fast response, police arrived quickly, surrounding the business. Seconds later, unaware that the cops had been tipped off, the alleged bad guys walked right out the front door, and into custody, carrying duffel bags of loot and a hand gun. They were caught, the money and inventory was recovered, and no one was seriously hurt.

We all know that the outcome could have been very different. In a high-pressure situation and with a gun involved, the ability of the employee to see the situation unfold from afar and contact police potentially averted a much worse outcome for the business and for his friends and co-workers.

You might be wondering how this employee became aware of the crime. Did he live next door? No. This employee had been delegated the responsibility of monitoring the video surveillance system from home miles away.

The old days of security guards sitting in dark rooms, watching video and falling asleep are over. New technology is available that provides the dynamic solutions that business owners need. With business losses in the billions last year and rising, these owners are looking for solutions to keep their employees and their investments safe.

New remote video surveillance technology is saving business profits and peace of mind.

Among the solutions that can be credited here, remote video surveillance. These days, monitoring your security systems is as easy as downloading an app and receiving alerts from anywhere right to your smart phone or device.

Comprehensive solutions allow for corporate responsibility when it comes to security even if you’re a small business, so it’s not all on you, the small business owner. You can delegate to responsible employees, so there is always someone watching, receiving alerts, and ready to respond - as the employee did in this case.

And we are not just talking about watching video. These systems allow you to integrate yCloud Security Acces Control & Remote Video Surveillanceour security with the various systems in your establishment. If a camera suddenly “stops working” or a door or another piece of equipment is compromised, notifications are sent to the responsible party or parties who can respond as needed.

Today, more than ever, security solutions align with real life business needs, providing flexible options that fit organically into the way you run your business and your lifestyle - because you can’t be everywhere at once.

Solutions like Real-Time Cloud Remote Video Surveillance, Automatic Monitoring & Notifications, Full Delegation & Integration exist. Business owners are excited about the freedom and peace of mind that today’s security systems offer them and their employees.




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