Portland, Seattle, and Spokane Crime Spark the Need for Comprehensive Solutions from a Security System Integrator

Business Theft

Theft is a real problem in Spokane, Portland, and Seattle. In Spokane, there were 12,455 reported incidents of theft in 2014. Crime rates in Spokane are actually 208 percent higher than the national average. There were also 28,036 thefts in Seattle, making its crime rate 127 percent higher than the national average. Theft totals are only slightly better in Portland, Oregon, with 24,707 reported thefts in 2014. They are also 93 percent higher than the national average.

With statistics like these, it is easy for businesses in Portland, Seattle, and Spokane to understand the importance and value of a good security system. As a top security systems integrator in the Pacific Northwest, we at Allied understand what is involved in protecting our regional businesses, and hope that this information will help business owners take the proper steps to better protection.

Standalone security measures, such as video surveillance, can be a great tool to protect your business. However, video monitoring, for example, can only be so effective on its own. You must often wait until after a theft has occurred and wade through hours of irrelevant video surveillance before you find anything useful. By using a security system integrator, your video surveillance is paired with your other security technology to create a much more user-friendly and effective security solution—saving you and your business time and money.

Understanding the benefits of true security system integration.

Security system integration makes your entire security system more effective from both a use and cost standpoint. When used properly, comprehensive commercial security systems can add
significant value to your business by countering and addressing security threats, sometimes before they cause problems, securing your profits, assets, customers, and employees. Overall, with the Access Control Security Systems Integratorcrime rates today, the cost of security is far less than the risk if an adverse event or theft occurs.

Access control is one of the most overlooked security feature for smaller businesses.

Controlling access is one of the most overlooked security features for small businesses today. Integrated security systems are used in combination to detect and deter access and intrusion. Controlling access and using effective risk management strategies allows your business to monitor transactions in a focused way. These days, you can actually get an alert to your mobile phone when your employees enter or anyone enters after hours, or restrict access during certain hours for certain employees. These cloud based access control systems are truly effective in reducing employee crime.

POS Surveillance on CashierPOS and video surveillance pair to combat both internal and external crime.

Integrating a video surveillance system with the point of sale (POS) system allows you to specifically monitor individual customer transactions, a hot spot for employee theft as well as hold-ups. When business owners use their system in this way, they can monitor what the customer was charged and what the customer actually received in relation to that charge, capture images of robbers, and much more.

When this information is presented separately, even the most observant security personnel may not realize a theft has occurred. By integrating these systems, businesses can pinpointAlarm Panels- Security System Integrators problem areas and address them accordingly. “Smart” camera systems connected to your other security technology easily allow for this type of monitoring.

Integration of surveillance, lock down procedures, ATM systems, and physical alarm systems is extremely important for a quick response to potential threats. Without this type of industrial security system integration, businesses would be forced to sit idly by while theft occurs. It is important that your security systems integrator uses the same stringent standards when designing your security system.

Don't forget about after hours alarms and alarm monitoring.

Both fire and burglar alarms are critically important for any size business. Smaller businesses are more vulnerable to crime because it is widely known that their security systems are not as robust as a large business or they don't have any security systems at all. This makes small businesses extremely vulnerable. Have your security integrator implement fire and burglar alarms as well as alarm monitoring signs on the exterior of the building. This will deter criminal activities and ensure a short response time for authorities to arrive in the case of an emergency. To prevent false alarm fines, be sure to ask your consultant about video verification.

Always work with a security consultant for the best protection.

An experienced security consultant can help you understand where your vulnerabilities are with your business. For example, you may not be aware that you have an area behind your business that is easily accessible to a rear door not frequented often by your staff, and your consultant will find that to be one of the best places to put a smart surveillance camera with motion alerts. This is one type of situation that could not only save your assets, but also save lives.

A security system integrator like Allied Fire & Security works with your existing technology to allow your various systems to work together. By combining software and hardware, you can create a comprehensive commercial security system that is uniquely tailored to your business. A properly configured security system reduces your risk for all kinds of security threats, including internal and external theft. Talk to one of our consultants for more information about developing a security system that works for you and your business.



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