Portland Crime Rates - Protect Your Home or Business

Property crime rates may be lower than they were ten years ago in the Portland area, but this is no reason to say you should ease up on protection. Buying a security system can still help you to keep these rates down.

According to citydata.com, crime rates in the Portland, Oregon area have experienced a see-saw effect in recent years. The numbers are still above the national average, as they would be in big cities, but there is an interesting pattern. Property crime reached its peak in 2004 at 68 per 1,000 residents, but decreased in subsequent years to 38.6 in 2009. Since then, however, the numbers have gone back up, though not drastically, with the current figure holding at 49.7.

Smart home security system

While we can’t predict for sure if the rate will head back up or even surpass the 2004 value, we can contribute, in our small part, to keeping our homes, businesses, and neighborhoods safe from would-be burglars and vandals. There are a number of systems and tactics you can use to play your part.

Keeping With the Times

The old-fashioned security camera can still prove to be an effective approach to steering criminals away from your property. But this can only go so far. Homes and businesses have access to more technology these days, and so do thieves. You need to stay one step ahead of the game in order to make sure your belongings are safe.

Motion sensing devices can save space and be less conspicuous than a camera, but even then there needs to more to the system. The most important thing is to be able to contact and dispatch the authorities in case of a breach. Many systems use a phone line or Internet connection to automatically get through to them when required.

The method becoming the most popular in recent years is the use of mobile phones. You can connect the security system wirelessly to a cell phone app and receive alerts by email or text message if someone tries to break in. Not only that, but if you have a video system installed, you can access real-time video footage and notify the police immediately.

Security System: You Are In Control

As long as you’re using modern technology to keep an eye on your house or business, why not go full throttle with it? Many people are turning to home automation to not only protect their belongings, but actually control most devices in the building remotely.

Through a smart phone, tablet, or other Internet-ready device, you can control the thermostat, door and window locks, and electric lights. You can set everything up on a timer so you can save energy. Just imagine someone trying to rob your home, when suddenly the lights appear to turn on by themselves. Chances are, that crook will not be stopping by again.

Portland is a nice place to live and has wonderful things going for it, but make sure to take all necessary precautions to keep the crime rates down and your property safe. To find out more information about how to protect your home or business. Please call us at 866-885-3250 to schedule a FREE survey today!




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