Monitor Your Home When You're Not Home

With crime rates increasing and the times a-changing, home security systems need to become more sophisticated to work effectively. Could you protect your entire house simply through the power of your Smartphone?

Home-Automation-SystemsHere are some advantages to home automation.

Cell phones and smartphones are used for pretty much everything these days. It's not just calling, texting, or surfing the web anymore. You can measure your heart rate, diagnose a problem with your car, check your blood-alcohol level, and do countless other things. But can you use your phone as a home security system? Admittedly, it's not as simple as downloading an app, but many security systems today have options which allow you to connect them wirelessly to your phone. This a key part of home automation, and it's being heralded as the way to the future of home security.

How Does It Work?

From your own mobile device, home automation gives you the power to control numerous devices in your home. You can adjust your thermostat, lock and unlock doors and windows, test smoke detectors, among others. The secret is the assigning of an IP address to each of these mechanisms. By hooking up your smart device to a local area network, you can locate these addresses, allowing you to access and monitor the items from just about anywhere in the world.
Once you're connected, you can program your smart device to maintain a schedule for your lights, window blinds, or anything else which would needs to be triggered at a specific time. Your phone becomes a portable automatic timer. Also, in the event of someone breaking into your home, a sudden fire, severe weather, or other emergency, you can program your home electronics to send you an alert via email or text message.

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Added Protection and Peace of Mind

Receiving alerts is just one benefit of the home automation security system. Through the network, you can monitor your home at any time. Security cameras and other surveillance equipment can also be hooked up to your mobile device, so you can keep tabs on any activity going on both inside and outside the house. You can access live video feeds and send footage to the authorities. Many smart devices even have the option of automatically notifying emergency personnel if the alarm gets triggered.
Another benefit of home automation systems is convenience. You can access the system from any Internet-ready device, not just your specific phone or tablet. Also, by keeping the lights and thermostat on a set schedule, you can drastically reduce energy costs in your home. Devices can power down automatically during the times when they're not needed, making the house more energy efficient.

Home automation systems have tremendous advantages, but more importantly, they are very effective. You can't literally have eyes in the back of your head, but by programming your mobile device to monitor and control your home, you can have eyes working for you at every possible angle.

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