What to Look for in Access Control Systems for Your Business

Biometric Access Control Devices

If you run a small business, you may have encountered this issue: An employee loses a key, so you make a duplicate for them. And then it happens with another employee and another . . . . Or a worker leaves the company and fails to turn in his key. This is why access control systems are so important.

Before long, you’re not sure how many keys are out there, and who has them. Is it then time to change the locks on all doors? Or do you cross your fingers and hope those “lost” keys don’t someday provide unauthorized access to areas you thought were secure?  An access control system for your business eliminates that concern and provides additional security you can’t enjoy with a traditional key system.

Door access systems provide more than just keyless entry. They allow you to control who can access specified parts of your building and when. You will also have an audit trail on all access activity. When a person leaves your employment, you don’t need to replace the system. Even if they fail to turn in their ID card, for example, you can simply have access parameters updated.

Types of Access Control Systems

Cloud Access Control SystemElectronic access control functions include a number options, including keycard access, photo ID, PIN numbers, and more. Fingerprint access control systems are among the newest security technology available. These biometric readers eliminate the possibility someone can borrow another person’s ID or access code. Cloud access control is the most recent advancement in the technology, and controls access through mobile device scanning or app controls. 

Managed Access Control Systems

Managed access control means you can receive all the benefits of advanced security technology without having to purchase computer hardware or software. With a managed access plan, everything is handled remotely by your security integrator for an extra fee. For example, here at Allied, we will add and delete users for you and can update any employee access status at your request. That includes days and times, plus individual areas within a building.

Business Video Surveillance + Access ControlCloud Security Access Control System & Surveillance

For additional peace of mind, ask about an Enterprise Video Surveillance System integrated with your access control system. This high-tech system can be affordable and easy to use if a cloud video surveillance option is chosen. Some security providers have both integrated access control and surveillance in a cloud based system.  That means you don’t have to maintain servers on your site, pay for costly wiring, and get up and running much faster. 

About Allied Fire & Security

In business for more than 70 years, Allied Fire & Security has extensive experience providing security to the banking and financial industry, healthcare, education, retail, government, and commercial organizations. If your business is anywhere in the Portland, Seattle, or Spokane areas, please contact us for a free consultation and quote. You will find door access systems and card access systems for your business are quite affordable, particularly when considering the confidence extra security delivers. Allied has been a top 100 security integrator noted by Security Dealer Magazine (SDM100) for many decades and we are an authorized dealer of Brivo Cloud Access Control and Video Surveillance systems. 



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