Latest Trends in Access Control Security Systems

Having the right access control system covering your business can mean the difference between safety and danger. With technology moving at lightning speed, you must stay one step ahead of bad
eggs who would use remote access and other digital features to breach the security of your home or business.Remote Access Control Systems

There are some things that you should be aware of when choosing an access control system. Let's go over the most important of those criteria now.

Wireless Safety Features

One of the most pervasive critiques of access control security systems is that a wireless system is less secure than a wired system. This is actually untrue, and becoming less true with every new generation of security. Wireless access control is so safe that buildings housing K-12 programs utilize it for each and every classroom door. Security specialists actually prefer wireless infrastructure for properties that require a perimeter. Wireless connectivity also allows for a property owner to easily extend its perimeter, sometimes up to 10,000 square feet outside of its original dimensions.

The Marvel of Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a feature that has saved many a business from a breach. Once an employer begins handing out keys, he may forget how many are out there or where the lost ones end up. One lostkey can turn into a huge problem for a business, and keyless entry can change this situation overnight.

Keyless entry also givesKeyless Entry a building owner the ability to control who can access certain parts of your building. This relieves owners of having to carry huge rings full of keys, which can quickly become a problem if they are lost. Also, if there is any employee turnover, you do not need to replace the entire system just to ensure the its integrity.

Cost and Investment

Aside from being more convenient, wireless systems cost less than wired systems overall. There is less infrastructure in terms of wiring, meaning there is less of a chance for a hard mechanical breach from an outside source.

Wireless systems also give an opportunity to read credentials where the traditional reader would be completely untenable. Perimeters are much easier to maintain with wireless systems. Businesses can check the credentials of truck drivers and buses before they enter a location.

More Security Choices

Wireless access security systems give you a choice of number input, photo ID, keycards, or PIN numbers for access. The much-heralded fingerprint access system is also a viable technology that is leading up to biometric readers that further eliminate the ability of a lost code or key, causing a huge problem within your business.

You may also invest in managed access systems, giving you all of the benefits above without the need to keep up with a software or hardware solution in-house. If you would rather leave the technical aspects of the system to a dedicated professional, you can outsource this to your security integrator for a monthly fee.

Wireless security also includes the ability to monitor your property from remote locations. A cloud-based system allows you to activate on-location surveillance without being oRemote Access Control n the property. You can also alert law enforcement to any suspicious activity that occurs at any time of the day or night.

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