Krem2 Reports Home Security System Features Actual Burglars Say Are a Deterrent

KREM2 of Spokane released a two part report on burglars and how they broke into homes. The station sent an anonymous survey to prison inmates incarcerated for burglary crimes asking them to answer questions directly related to how they committed their crimes.

The following security system features were specifically noted as a deterrent to crimes:

  • Alarms caused burglars to leave immediately – cutting down their time inside the home
  • A surveillance camera in sight of the burglar was a deterrent

Some other interesting information that came from this report was that lighting and large noisy dog breeds prevented most from pursuing a home burglary. Yard signs really did not deter a burglar and some obtained the information to disarm the alarms.

Feel free to check out this report as it really does provide homeowners with some great information on preventing home burglaries.

Here's a link to the article:


Security System Features That Deter Burglars



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