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There are  2 million burglaries per year in the United States. Homes without security systems are 300 percent more likely to experience a break-in. Both solid reasons to invest in a home security system. You can now keep remote tabs on your home with the Honeywell Total Connect System, which will offer peace of mind and solid protection for your family, home and valuables.

The Honeywell Total Connect system lets you keep constant watch over your home while at work, or thousands of miles away during vacation. Our expert security technicians are ready to install and maintain your home security system that includes remote video surveillance, real-time alerts, live video, mobile control, and GPS vehicle and asset tracking.

What happens after the purchase and installation of Honeywell Total Connect home security systems?

You may wonder just what happens after purchase and installation of your home security system from Honeywell. You may also feel slightly overwhelmed at first, while looking over the controls and alerts. But with some basic information you will soon become comfortable with your newly installed Allied Fire & Security system.

The Honeywell Total Connect System has many security features, including voice-activated hands-free controls, energy conservation with thermostat control, and lighting adjustments for safety, ambience, and energy savings. The Honeywell Total Connect System is actually intuitive and highly functional once you’ve gotten used to it. The experts at Allied Fire & Security are happy to help you get acquainted with the system and answer your questions about how it works.

Here are some of the features and equipment involved with your new security system.

  • The Basic Honeywell Total Connect System Alert Triggers. Your new security system includes alerts for burglary and break-ins. Check with your Allied Fire & Security team to learn Home Automation - Light Controlabout notifications for fire and other emergencies. Also, Honeywell Total Connect's motion sensors can detect the difference between your dear pet and an intruder.
  • The Alarm Equipment. Use your smartphone to check your alarm system's status or pull up video from any remote location. Strategically placed sensors will pick up sounds and movements that your home security team will monitor from a remote location for irregularities.
  • Important Montoring Locations. Your home security systems installation team will also place sensors at various strategic points around your home. They will also place video surveillance cameras at high-risk areas around your home, such as a back gate with dim lighting.
  • Understand the Level of Coverage. 24/7 monitoring and protection is what you get when you invest in the Honeywell Total Connect system. The highly trained professionals at Honeywell's central station monitor your system for alerts for burglary, carbon monoxide, fire, and other emergency situations and conditions.

Continue asking your Allied team questions.

Get the most out of your alarm system by learning all it can do to protect your home and family and understanding how you can control it to enhance your level of protection. We can help you at every step. Contact us at Allied Fire & Security today to learn all you need to know to start using Honeywell home security systems with confidence. Allied services homes and businesses in Seattle, Portland, Spokane and surrounding areas. 




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