Is your security system protecting you during a power outage?

Power Outages Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho

The recent wind storm that damaged Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho areas left residents without power for several days. Allied would like to take this time to let our customers know what to do when a power outage like this occurs and how to recover your system if there were interruptions in monitoring or damages to the security system.

What Type of Security Systems Work in Power Outages?

Phone Line Monitored Security Systems

If your backup battery still has reserve power and your security system is connected to a phone line, your system will work to protect your home or business and communicate with the monitoring center (provided the phone lines have not been damaged in the storm as well). If phone lines are not working and you don’t have cellular monitoring as a back-up, then it is likely your system is not communicating with the monitoring center and your home or business is vulnerable.

Cellular Monitored Security Systems

Cellular monitored systems are the most reliable in power outages. Provided your backup battery has reserve power these systems will remain online and will communicate with the monitoring center even if phone lines and electrical power are out. For those who desire a higher level of security it is recommended to have a cellular backup if you are on a phone line or Internet/Wi-Fi monitored system.

Wi-Fi/Internet Monitored Security Systems

While Wi-Fi and Internet monitored security systems are great for convenience and mobile control over your home/business security, if there is a power outage there will also be the risk of Internet service outage. In this case your system will not have the ability to communicate with the monitoring center. If you are concerned about this we suggest you consider connecting your security system to a phone line or cellular monitoring as a secondary means of alarm communication so that your system has the best chance to communicate to the monitoring center under these conditions.

What to do to ensure your security system is always working.

Test & Inspect Security System

  • Preventative Maintenance– test, clean and inspect all devices and ensure batteries are at full capacity. It is recommended that you replace your system backup battery every 3 – 4 years. Wireless security devices (door/window contacts, motion sensors, etc.) also contain a battery that must be periodically changed.
  • Will you need new signs and window stickers (showing home is secured)? Contact us to place your order if they are missing.
  • If you have a Communication failure and cannot clear it from the keypad, enter your code and “off” twice (this works for most First Alert, Vista, Lynx panels) , refer to our website for manuals or call our Customer Care Center for assistance.
  • Your keypad may show/tell you that your battery power is low but unless electrical power is restored to your home or business so as to recharge your battery, there is not much more you can do until the power is restored. Lock your doors and windows.
  • It is a good idea to have a certified Allied security technician check all of your equipment. Doing this on an annual basis helps ensure your system will remain functional for as long as possible during a power outage.
  • Our branch offices sell replacement batteries and our Customer Care Team can help you determine what batteries you need if you do not know. In any case, battery replacement is recommended every three years.

In any case, make sure you are in contact with Allied's Customer Care Team if you have any concerns or your property has been compromised. Our goal is to keep our communities safe and secure at all times. 



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