Internet Access to Your Video Surveillance Systems

screen-with-domeTwenty-five percent of all security equipment purchased in the United States involves video surveillance. To give you a perspective of how big that is, it exceeds the sale of burglar alarm devices by 3 percent--and electrically-operated burglar alarms have always been the number-one seller since it’s invention in 1857, until recently. In terms of application, 13 percent of these camera systems are installed in large industrial settings, 38 percent in commercial, and 49 percent in residential (Statistical data by Security Sales & Integration Magazine).

It’s really no accident that video surveillance has become exceedingly popular. For one thing, without cameras on the job, the possibility of gaining knowledge of who did what after the fact is significantly lower than when a full complement of cameras are in place. Having a solid, credible, live witness can help, but this usually is the exception, not the rule. Thus, the video stored in DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) and NVR’s (Network Video Recorders) will usually provide one or more faces, which will help in determining who may have witnessed the crime. And, if you’re fortunate enough, this often will reveal who the perpetrator is.

Having a ready Internet connection into your video surveillance is important because it can give you, as well as your security company, access to stored as well as live video without anyone on site to make it happen. In fact, Allied has a service where they’ll immediately verify all alarms by having one of their many skilled central station operators review the video clips recorded just before the alarm took place as well as during and after.

Called “video verification,” this technique will save you a ton of money simply because Allied is able to quickly determine whether an alarm is valid or false. Because false alarms have become a huge burden on local police and sheriff departments, communities have established huge fee schedules, all of which you are able to avoid with Allied on the job.

enterprise-security-services-retailMonitoring for Camera Quality

In order to remove additional worry from the client, Allied offers another unique service that is sure to please you. Skilled central station operators will review the quality of the video coming from your on-site cameras several times a day.

“We send video data to the Cloud where it’s stored and live feeds are reviewed at scheduled times each day,” says Allied’s Frank Larson, IT Department Manager. “We look at various facets of each camera image to make sure it’s all good.”

There are many things that can cause a camera image to degrade over time. Constant exposure to the sun, weather, extreme temperatures--these things and many more can cause images to wash out and lose their vibrant color and detail. Not only that, but criminals many times will sabotage one or more key cameras prior to committing a crime--things like putting a towel over these lenses or by spray painting them. By reviewing the video of these cameras at predetermined times of each day, problems like this can be detected early on, prior to a crime.

According to Larson, this service and many more are part of Allied’s philosophy, which is “We do what security professionals do best, we care for our client’s security equipment so they can do what they do best, which is to pay attention to their own business without worry.”

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