How to Test Your Home Alarm System

In order to properly test your alarm, it’s important to ensure that your alarm system’s signals are transferring correctly from your home system to the Monitoring Center. Doing this ensures that there is no hold-up in the transmission of important alarm signals from your system to the alarm’s control center. Homeowners with an alarm system should conduct this important test once a month.

Testing Your Alarm System

When you’re ready to test your home alarm system, call the Monitoring Center to inform them that you will be testing your alarm system. The Monitoring Center will put the alarm system into test mode and request that you call them back once you’ve completed the tests.  Once you’ve notified the Monitoring Center of your intentions to test the system, follow these steps:

  1. L5200_iPad_Disarmed_AppArm Your System: At the beginning of your test period, arm your alarm system on AWAY mode, as you typically do when you take a vacation or leave the home. Wait for the pre-set delay time (about 30 seconds) to expire before moving on to the next step.
  2. Open a Secured Door: Once the delay time has passed, open and walk through a door secured by the system. This should initiate the alarm system signal, which should transfer to the Monitoring Center. Because you have already informed them that your home security system is in test mode, the Monitoring Center will not call your home or notify the local police. Keep in mind that, if your system features a siren, opening the secured door will cause the siren to go off.
  3. Disarm the Alarm: After you’ve walked through the secured door, be sure to wait at least 45 seconds before disarming the alarm system. It is important to remember that your siren will continue to sound until the alarm is disarmed and, as such, it’s important to remove individuals that are sensitive to loud noises such as pets, children or elderly relatives, from the home before testing the alarm system.
  4. Contact the Monitoring Center: Once you’ve completed your alarm test, contact the Monitoring Center once more to verify that they received the alarm system’s signals. The operator will ask for your name and account password in order to verify your identity. Once the Monitoring Center confirms that the signals have been received, request that they take the system out of test mode. If the proper signals were not received, please contact Allied Fire & Security's Customer Care Center to schedule a service technician out to diagnose the problem.

For homeowners with built-in home security systems, performing this easy test at least once a month is a pivotal process of maintaining home security. By testing your home’s security systems through the alarm Monitoring Center, you can ensure that any breach in your home’s security will be quickly reported to the authorities, minimizing damage to both your home and your precious belongings. If you have further questions about how to test your home alarm system or you simply want to learn more about installing a new home security system, contact us today!

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