Home Automation: Top Four Features

We see them virtually every time we turn on the television: commercials portraying a quietly smiling father closing the garage door via his cell phone after his rowdy band of teenagers has left it open. Or, a mother shaking her head and, from her phone, unlocking the front door of her home for the dog walker, about whom she has forgotten. Although these ads may look simple, quirky, and mildly entertaining, they are all about home automation, a technology that has the potential to greatly simplify the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Hand holding a remote control of air conditioner - home automation

In addition to providing homeowners with the ability to adjust the home’s temperature and lock and unlock doors or turn off lights—all from the click of a single cell-phone button—home automation allows for increased home security and easier management of the home, regardless of whether the homeowner is down the street or across the country. Here are the top four features that home automation systems have to offer:

1) Remote arming and disarming of your security system


Have you ever left for a trip and forgotten to arm your security system? You’re not alone and, if you had a home automation enabled security system, you wouldn’t have to bother your neighbor with the task of arming it for you. Home automation allows homeowners to arm and disarm their security systems via their cell-phones, which allows for increased home security and a decreased risk of break-ins.

2) Moment-to-moment video


Whether you want to check on the new puppy that’s home alone or check to see that your teenager is actually doing his homework, real time video is a great way to keep an eye on the home when you’re not around. Home automation allows homeowners to view real time video on their cellular phones or laptop computers, regardless of where they are in the world. A wonderful way to feel closer to home and keep tabs on internal and external security, real time video is one of the most important technological cornerstones of an automated home.

3) Email and Text Alerts


Homeowners can’t watch their home cameras all the time, and that is where e-mail and text alerts enter the picture. Those equipped with home automation systems will receive an immediate alert whenever there is a security event. Homeowners can opt to receive alerts whenever doors are opened, when a security system is armed or disarmed, when an extreme temperature or humidity change has occurred, or whenever motion is detected inside or outside of the home. These measures allow homeowners to take control of their home’s security and stay in the know, even if they happen to be hundreds of miles away.

4) Distance-based control of lighting, locks and thermostat


Did you leave on vacation and forget to lock the front door, turn off the kitchen light, or adjust the heat? No problem. Home automation systems allow homeowners to adjust all of these things with the click of a button or a swipe on their phone. In addition to providing maximum security, these features also help homeowners to run their homes more efficiently, reduce costs and avoid damage caused by avoidable heating or cooling mistakes.

Although it may seem like a thing of the future, home automation is here today. In addition to providing maximum convenience, a home automation system also enhances security and can help cut down on the cost of utilities by providing to-the-minute remote control of lighting, heating and cooling within the home. Contact Allied Fire & Security today to learn more about home automation systems and their many benefits!




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