Characteristics of the best security systems in Spokane

Businesses face a variety of pressures and problems to deal with on a regular basis and over the long term. In Spokane, a relatively high level of property crime is one more burden to bear, but that doesn't need to be the case. Companies can seek out the best security systems in Spokane from Allied Fire & Security and take steps to acquire the right equipment, software and sense of security.

Spokane's crime problem

As per data reported by law enforcement agencies to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Spokane Crime and Security SystemsCrime Reporting (UCR) Program, there were 3,365 reported cases of burglary; 12,455 reported cases of larceny-theft; 2,242 reported cases of motor vehicle theft; and 56 reported cases of arson in Spokane in 2014. reported Spokane’s rate of crimes involving property, like theft and burglary, was 131 percent higher than the average of the remainder of Washington state and 230 percent higher than the nation’s average. For this reason, the city received a D rating in the crime department.

Finding a multi-faceted solution

In response, businesses should increase security on the premises, using instruments like security cameras and alarm monitoring, to help deter against property crimes. This action is suitable for companies, agencies and organizations in all industries, such as banks and other financial institutions; hospitals and healthcare agencies; schools and other education institutions; commercial manufacturing; government entities; and retail shops.

In a blog post for the Huffington Post, Robert Siciliano, a personal security and identity theft expert, discusses the threats facing businesses today and what business surveillance systems can protect companies from "the outside in."

"To dissuade trespassers, both online and offline, there are various methods a firm can employ to reduceSecurity Systems Mobile Devices the risk of theft and prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands," he states.

These methods include installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) or security cameras on the premises; installing high-quality fencing; buying a safe to store valuables; setting up an alarm system with motion detectors and other sensors; investing in antivirus, antiphishing, antispyware and a firewall to protect online information; and adopting a proper password protocol and making sure employees follow procedures.

Making an investment up front to acquire and install the right equipment can save business owners heartache, financial loss and other harmful impacts later down the road if their companies fall victim to physical attacks, like burglary, or cyber attacks.

Best security systems in Spokane

The leader in commercial security systems in Spokane is Allied Fire & Security, a third-generation family owned company that’s been in business more than 70 years. A few different types of commercial systems available through Allied Fire & Security, according to its website, include Cloud Video, Cloud-based Access Control, Safes and Vault Doors and GPS Asset Tracking.

What can customers expect working with Allied Fire & Security? The company's experienced sales representatives understand the Spokane area and its property crime rates, which means they can inform business owners about the specific threats they are facing and the best solution for them, including top-notch commercial video surveillance systems. During the shopping experience, clients will experience a high level of professionalism that includes fast and friendly service and no runarounds or hassles. Contact Allied Fire & Security for a free quote and some peace of mind.



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