Billionnaire Security is Not Just for Hollywood

Of course we all know that if you want to protect your home you install security cameras, high-security locks, perhaps an advanced home automation system. But what do billionaires do? How Security Systemadvanced are the most advanced home security systems out there? We may not be able to afford everything, but we can learn from what they’re doing.

Picture this: An intruder attempts to break into a sprawling mansion in the countryside of Greenwich, CT. A biometric scanner is set off, alerting a high-tech security system to trigger hidden shotguns loaded with non-lethal ammunition. The owners of the home retreat to a hidden, fortified room while the rest of the property is flooded with tear gas. This scene is not only something you’d see on the big screen. These types of home security systems really do exist - in the homes of billionaires. Alarm systems with cameras and motion detectors in every room are the minimum for the ultra-wealthy.

Living a high-profile, luxurious lifestyle comes with a price. The ultra rich are always a target for criminals. We hear reports of a hedge fund manager being kidnapped, or a bank executive being bound and shot at during a robbery. Most are familiar with the abduction of Sears chairman, Eddie Lampert in 2003. Owning extremely expensive valuables - art, jewelry, electronics - makes security a top priority in the homes of these billionaires.

Billionaire security ranges from elaborate high-tech to simple, but still costly

Something as simple as owning a guard dog is a fairly decent strategy for deterring intruders. However, when it comes to the rich and famous, we are not talking about your ordinary guard dogs.Security System They are the finest German Shepherds, imported from Europe and graduates of the finest obedience schools. These expertly trained dogs range from $35,000 to $50,000. They are trained to be a loyal, family pet, but in the event of an attack, they will protect the handler with or without command.

Home Security Video CamerasSecurity systems for billionaires and multimillionaires involve a variety of different mechanisms. Some have multi-story bunkers that are fully equipped with the latest long-term survival systems. One example is an NBC (Nuclear Biological and Radiological) system that filters out harmful particles, germs, and chemicals. Long-term food storage is another facet of security that the ultra rich employ.

Many wealthy individuals take measures to fortify their homes. Fortified bullet-resistant doors make it near impossible for intruders to enter through a typical entry point. Smart HD cameras with facial recognition software are incorporated to secure the property and residence.  Hidden passageways that may lead to a safe room, or a bunker are another way to secure the wellbeing of loved ones. As well as trap doors that can imprison the intruder until the authorities arrive.

Safes and vaults are a great way to protect valuables from fires and criminals, and you don’t have to be a billionaire to own one. There are several different types of safes, depending on the items and level of protection you need. Allied Fire and Security has a wide range of safes, including burglar fire safes, floor safes, fireproof safes, and high-security burglar fire safes, to protect important documents, cash, and other valuable items.

Whether you are tabloid-worthy or not, your loved ones and property are still just as valuable. While you may not be able to afford a private bunker or elite guard dog, you can own a professionally monitored security system with the latest technology.

We offer home automation and alarm systems at the same level that the ultra-rich employ to ensure top-rate security. The home automation package allows you to remotely control your alarm, lighting, locks, and temperature from any mobile device. Using the latest in smart HD wi-fi video cameras, you can monitor the activity in and around your home while at work or on vacation.

With a cloud-based system, all of your home's systems can be linked and controlled with the touch of the finger, giving you a taste of the life of James Bond.



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