Allied's President, Jay Hunt, Talks Bank Security on Northwest Weekly

Today, banks need unparalleled security that allows room for changing customer demographics and preferences. Gone are the days of large bank vaults and stacks of on-hand cash, although some banks do still work this way. In today’s security climate, it is important to move quickly and provide a multitude of options. Fortunately, Allied Fire & Security is doing just that. Here is how Allied is helping banks become more secure in the modern age:


Cutting Edge Technology

Allied installs video security systems and, with the advent of a new technology known as IP (internet protocol) video, banks are now privy to high definition recording and viewing. IP video systems produce a sharper image that allows law enforcement and bank officials to pick up on important details of a robbery or other incident.

Additionally, Allied has the ability to install specialized IP cameras that boast 180 or 360 degree views of the facility and grounds, in order to cut down on total camera numbers and increase security. Law enforcement has praised the use of IP video systems on the basis of their unparalleled security and cost effectiveness.

In addition to high-tech video systems, Allied is also helping banks catch perpetrators after a robbery has occurred by providing GPS tracking devices for use in banks. These devices can be implanted in bundled cash or bulk cash bags. Since the devices are small and largely undetectable, they evade the criminal while acting as an important tracking tool for law enforcement and bank officials.

An Eye Toward the Future of Bank Security

NW_weekly_nameplateAllied knows that the times are changing and, as such, the company has dedicated itself to providing ever-changing technology to suit the needs of consumers and customers alike. As Jay Hunt, Allied’s president points out in this article - Northwest Security Expert Talks Banks, banks are not using bank vaults as much as they used to.

This owes largely to an increased reliance on digital financial methods and online technologies, which mean that banks typically don’t store large sums of cash on-hand. Banks are also finding that there is less of a need for safe deposit boxes due to the changing preferences and need of their customers.

Allied is seeing more interest and supplying banks with card access systems. These systems allow banks to maintain security and manage who has access to the building.

Respect for the Standbys

Allied Jay hunt bank securityDespite all the advances in security technology, Jay Hunt points out that locks are still the “primary method of restricting access.” With this in mind, Allied can help banks develop systems of burglar alarms, locks, keys and video while also helping provide access to enhanced security devices and advanced technology. Jay Hunt points out that these systems are the most preferred method for stopping and reducing crime and that, in addition to keeping banks safe and secure, they also appeal to insurance companies.

Fire Protection for Important Assets

Banks need an extra measure of fire protection given their important contents. To meet these needs, Allied Fire & Security can provide a variety of smoke sensors, safes and heat detectors that can help banks detect, eliminate and prevent fires. Additionally, Allied provides assistance in building monitored fire alarm systems that can help further a bank’s protection from damaging and dangerous fires.

New Products & Services in Bank Security

Allied has recently partnered with Burroughs to offer ATM products and services. With the recent introduction of EMV chip-based technology in debit or credit cards, changes in payment-card liability rules have made EMV-ready ATM's a must-have. Allied is a certified partner to help upgrade bank ATM's to accept the new EMV technology. Learn more about Allied's ATM products and services.

Here are some of the bank security services Allied provides:

  • Integrated Security Alarms
  • Custom Vaults & Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Financial Access Control
  • Managed Access Control
  • High Security Locks
  • Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • Financial Fire Alarms
  • Bullet Resistant Products
  • Financial Alarm Monitoring
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Vaults & Depositories
  • Under Counter Steel
  • 24/7 Service
  • Service Agreements & Annual Maintenance
  • ATM Products & Services

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