Allied Security vs Simplisafe: The Tale of the Tape


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Our readers know Allied Security Systems are dependable for commercial and residential use, but Simplisafe has become a popular alternative recently in the realm of security companies. Let’s look at the pros and cons and see how the two systems compare.

Allied Fire & Security has made a name for itself as the go-to choice for home and business safety in the Pacific Northwest. However, when there’s an established company, you can bet there’s a similar one not too far away looking for a piece of the action. This company is Simplisafe, and it has been winning over audiences with its user-friendly setup and variety of available features.

Does Allied Fire & Security still hold up given this new competition? Let’s find out.

Allied Security Rundown


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Our security systems have earned praise from residents and businesses alike for over 65 years. We offer many different security plans, from deadbolts to video surveillance. We design systems so they fit your exact needs. Our wireless security system packages start at $199.

Allied systems tend to be rather large and complicated and are designed for high reliability and protection. It’s best to have professionals install the types of systems we sell, as the equipment is not designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Fortunately, we employ certified technicians so there will always be someone there to show you how the parts work and how the system is used.

Like Simplisafe, Allied offers mobile device apps to monitor alarms. In addition, Allied offers more choices, such home automation (thermostat and lighting control in addition to alarms) and high end surveillance systems that can be connected to mobile devices. With property and personal crime rates being very high in the Pacific Northwest, Allied systems provide added protection and reliability.

So How Does Simplisafe Fare?


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Simplisafe Security System

Simplisafe has been established as an easy-to-use, multifunctional system. Once purchased, the package can be customized for individual use without the need for a contract. You also get live monitoring and a cellular backup system so there’s no worry in case the power goes out. Simplisafe comes with a variety of sensors and installs easily without wires.

After checking out the website, Simplisafe systems costs considerably more than the basic residential wireless Allied Security System ($199 installed by a technician), coming in at about $260 for the package (and you have to install it yourself). Some might argue Simplisafe must come with more features to warrant the higher price tag, but actually, the company charges monthly fees to maintain some of the more basic features. There are also no video cameras to accompany the sensors, stick up door and window sensors can eventually fall off and cause false alarms, and the system is not compatible with other wireless networks.

Simplisafe seems to be a really great solution for apartments and home rentals, whereas there isn't the need to install wires and essentially the system can go with you as you move more easily.

Bottom Line

Because security systems are extremely important to have in the home or office, it makes sense to comparison shop for the best quality product. When it comes to protection, this is not a decision a person should make lightly.

Simplisafe, with its customizable package, may sound like a feasible alternative. Admittedly, there is a lot to like about this merchandise if you want a very simple and cheap solution for very basic security. The system is easy to install and will work even if there’s an electrical problem. However, if you are looking for a long-term, highly customizable solution as well as multiple sources of protection, Allied's systems are ideal.

When the dust settles, the fact is Allied Security still comes to your home and evaluates your specific security needs to ensure the highest quality protection, you get personalized service and installation, and we work with you on pricing to your budget. You can shop around if you’d like, but you won’t find better deals from security companies than the ones right here.




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