Allied Ranks Top 40 on SDM's Top Security Systems Integrators Report

The security systems integration business has always been a volatile one but Allied Fire & Security continues to be one of the top security systems integrators in the country.

SDM security systems integratorsIn fact, Allied Fire & Security has done so well for its customers that it was recently ranked #34th in the 2014 20th Annual SDM Top Systems Integrators Report, which ranks North American companies according to their systems integration revenue and considers factors like installation, design, project management and programming.

With revenue of $18,000,000 and a grand total of 130 projects completed, it is obvious that Allied has distinguished itself as an outstanding security systems company that is dedicated to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

How can Allied assist your company with its security needs? Let's see how.


Allied is Committed to Focusing on Changing Technology

A large portion of the success Allied experienced in 2014 was due to the fact the company chose to dedicate itself to altering the way they do business in order to accommodate the shifting tides of today’s security environment.

By investing in data divisions and heightened levels of factory and industry training while also committing to focusing on managed services and integrated systems, Allied managed to provide great customer service and outstanding technology for a variety of individuals and businesses.

Allied is Catering to an Increased Demand for High-Quality Security

Business in 2014 went up a whopping five percent from 2013, which is a great indicator that certain systems integrators, Allied included, have expanded their markets and are succeeding in reaching a wider customer base in more effective and efficient ways.

Some companies are reporting project prices of up to $39 million dollars while the total value of systems integration projects in 2014 was a whopping $2.45 billion, which just goes to show that the security business is booming and customers are looking for more sophisticated, smarter security systems.

Allied Fire & Security employs 80 people and still managed to handle the increased business load better and rank higher in the 2014 Systems Integrators Report than many larger companies throughout the country.

allied fire and security specialist customer service security systems integrators

Allied Meets the Security Needs of Regulated Industries

As businesses around the country become more concerned about their security interests, Allied Fire & Security finds itself with more and more work.

Currently, many market segments are facing drastic regulatory shifts and companies in the oil and gas, electrical and food and beverage industries are now required to comply with strict safety and security regulations. These companies need security systems more than ever and Allied provides them with everything from IP and network technologies to security system integration.

In 2014, Allied saw and catered to massive expansion in the areas of energy, utilities, transportation, telecommunications, biotechnologies, and distribution. These industries promise to continue to grow and, thanks to the loyalty of their customers, Allied promises to be right there with them.

The Future of Integrated Security Systems

Currently, security systems integrators are installing more integrated security projects than ever and the demand for systems like IP cameras, access control and video systems will only continue to boom.

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According to the 20th Annual SDM Top Systems Integrators Report, 81% of systems integrators expect to see their revenue numbers increase in 2015, which can only mean one thing: business is good and Allied Fire & Security is more committed than ever to meeting the security needs of its customers.

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