5 Features of the Best Business Security Systems Today

Are you looking for the top features of today's best business security systems in areas including Seattle, Portland and Spokane? This fast-moving industry provides plenty of high-tech solutions, but it's important to know what the best are for your company. Here are several top features you need to consider:

Real Time Video Surveillance Through the Cloud

Real time video is becoming increasingly common in a variety of security applications, and it's easy to see why: With a simple Internet connection and login, you gain the ability to view camera feeds iSmall Business Security, Surveillance - Portland, Spokane, Seattlen real time from any mobile device or computer. This capability has been widely popularized in the smart home market, but Allied Fire & Security understands how real time viewing via cloud computing can also provide considerable benefits for commercial video surveillance systems. Not only can you check in on employee activity through any camera, at any time, but you can also do a rapid remote check if you receive an alert – scanning a property to see if anything is wrong.


Wireless Fire and Burglar Alarms

Another growing trend in security systems is the ability to place wireless alarms around a property. This is particularly useful for burglar alarms in business surveillance systems, because vibration, shatter, and disconnect alarms can more easily be placed at a variety of doors and windows to offer full protection where it's most needed. It's also a boon when it comes to protecting storage sites and other areas from fire. For owners of commercial security systems, wireless alarms can significantly reduce installation expenses and increase the versatility of alarm systems in many areas.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring refers to communication between an alarm company and an owner in the case of an alarm or an alert that may require further investigation. At Allied Fire & Security, we understand the important of alarm monitoring, especially for sensitive security matters that the owner cannot attend to 24/7. Monitoring also provides a very important – and cost-saving – check against false alarms. A central monitoring agent can help scan for false alarms and potential problems, then contact you or, depending on your previous decisions, make a decision about activating on-site alarms or contacting the authorities.

Full Security Integration

Security solutions are entering a period of swift growth – and that brings it's own unique set of problems. One of those is integration: With so many products and services it can be easy for owners to buy one solution for alarms, one for cameras, one for fire detection, and so on. This presents difficulties, however. First, different solutions tend to use different platforms that grow increasingly annoying for owners to juggle when monitoring their property. Second, many different solutions and platforms lead to interference, greater bandwidth use, and formatting difficulties – in other words, they rarely communicate with each other. This is why full security integration, like the sort Allied Fire & Security offers, is so useful – there's no overlap and no communication options: Everything is on the same platform.Cloud Access Control

Full and Customizable Access Control

While disappointing, one of the most common business security vulnerabilities continues to be employees. This makes access control more important than ever before: You need to precisely limit who has access to security and data, along with the ability to monitor who has accessed these systems and when. Thanks to the cloud support of today's security solutions, it is much easier to log on from any computer and check access history or set new access limitations as needed.


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