Seattle security tips: What size security system do I need?

When you are trying to decide what size security system you need for your Seattle home, you’ll need to think about size. Size does matter when it comes to security systems. A small apartment will require different hardware than a large house.

What size security system do I need for a large house?

Larger residences should probably not employ wireless or cellular security systems. The battery-operated sensors that form the backbone of this type of system only have an effective open air range of about 100 feet. In larger homes, the sensors on doors and windows may end up too far away from the control panel, causing annoying false positives.

A home with many doors and windows will lend itself to another hassle as well: changing all the batteries. Wireless security systems are battery-powered so you are not left without protection in the event of a power outage. But this does mean the batteries must be changed regularly.

Finally, if you want to integrate your wireless security system with your fire alarm system, meeting building codes can be a challenge in a larger home.

A better option for a large house is a wired security system with a cellular communicator. Wired systems are more expensive and somewhat more difficult to install, but they are far more reliable in a large home and less prone to service issues.

Having a cellular communicator simply means that there is a dedicated line of communication between your control panel and a monitoring center. This is one of the most secure choices for a home.

What size security system do I need for a smaller home?

In a smaller home, there is more flexibility. You can’t go wrong with a wired security system, of course. They are a very secure, time-tested solution for home security.

On the other hand, wireless security systems are just as secure in small environments, and are less expensive and easier to install. A hardwired system may still be preferable for maximum reliability, but either is a good choice.

What about medium-sized homes?

Of course, sometimes your home won’t fall neatly into one category or the other. In this case, you may wish to consult with a security professional. Any security system, regardless of size, should be customized to some degree. Sometimes, a professional opinion on how best to keep your home safe is just what you need.

There’s much more to home security than basic security systems, also. In this article we’ve only discussed sensors on windows and doors. Burglar alarms, cameras, and cloud-based automation systems may be worth investing in as well. The options for increased security are only limited by your time and your budget.

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