Protecting Your Business In 2018: How Locksmith Services Can Help

Focusing on business security is an essential aspect of running a company. Today, criminals don't just threaten your physical space, but your digital assets as well. To keep your business safe from harm, you have to remain vigilant and keep your finances protected at all times.

In addition to protecting your company’s financial and personal information on the Internet, you have to beware of physical intruders as well. In 2015, physical burglaries accounted for roughly 19.8% of all reported property crimes. In order to effectively secure your company from thieves, consider working with trusted business locksmith services. With modern technology, these professionals can protect your business with more than just a lock and a key.

Here is how business locksmith services can help your company in 2018:

  • Locks Keyed, Rekeyed, or Replaced -- Commercial locksmith services will not only install new locks on your business, but will fix any issues with your keys as well. This is the most simple way to protect your physical property, but it's still as important as ever.
  • Key Duplication -- Make sure you are only providing trusted employees with your company’s keys; you can have keys duplicated for easy and secure entry by working with professional locksmiths.
  • Keyless Entry and Access Control -- The good thing about 2018 locksmith services is that they aren’t held back by technological restrictions. If you want to have a secure keyless entry for your business, that is very achievable. Modern access control systems also allow you to see who accessed certain areas of your building, and give you total control over your property.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service -- Quality business locksmith services can also perform emergency services at any time of day or night. If there is a problem with your company’s locks or security, the situation will be addressed immediately.
  • Safe Combination Services -- Locksmith services can also help with safe combination issues as well. Whether it’s changing the combination, opening a debunked safe, or fixing any other issue, experienced professionals can help.
  • Glass Door Repairs -- In addition to preventing these burglaries from happening, quality locksmith services are there to help during the aftermath. They will repair any damaged storefront glass for you to minimize costly downtime.

If you’re in need of business locksmith services or any other form of protection in the Spokane area, contact Allied Fire and Security today.



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