The Benefits of Electronic Locks for Your Home

Z-Wave Electronic Locks Add a New Dimension of Security to Your Home

Electronic residential deadbolts and entry locks have been on the market for years, but have yet to really capture the market as home automation and smart homes become all the...

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Krem2 Reports Home Security System Features Actual Burglars Say Are a Deterrent

KREM2 of Spokane released a two part report on burglars and how they broke into homes. The station sent an anonymous survey to prison inmates incarcerated for burglary crimes asking them to answer questions directly related to how they committed...

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DIY vs. Professional Grade Smart Home Security Systems

For the past several years, smart homes have been the rage in tech publications as a security-focused evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Like something out of a William Gibson novel, smart

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Portland, Seattle, and Spokane Crime Spark the Need for Comprehensive Solutions from a Security System Integrator

Theft is a real problem in Spokane, Portland, and Seattle. In Spokane, there were 12,455 reported incidents of theft in 2014. Crime rates in Spokane are actually 208 percent higher than the national average. There were also 28,036 thefts in ...

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Home Security: Can Your Automatic Garage Door Be Hacked By A Childrens' Toy?

If you're lucky enough to have had your automatic garage door work flawlessly over the last decade or more, you're probably impressed at its durability -- and skeptical that the same longevity could be achieved by today's often cheaply...

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How a Seattle Employee Caught Burglars with Remote Video Surveillance

A Seattle cannabis store employee could have been binge watching Game of Thrones. Instead, from the comfort of his own living room, he witnessed someone break into his place of employment, tie up his co-workers, and begin to raid the store.

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Could a home security system have prevented this Portland, Oregon crime?

A burglary happens every 15 seconds in this country, but statistics show that these thieves intentionally avoid homes with known home security systems, leaving homes without security at increased risk. According to the FBI and Bureau of...

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Business Loss Prevention with Video Surveillance

To be successful, a business needs a high quality business loss prevention system in place. Loss prevention is a set of practices designed to limit preventable profit losses, which  include sound operational policies and holding employees...

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Keep remote tabs on your home with the Honeywell Total Connect system


Home Solutions Product Suite
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Retail Security Systems Reduce Theft and Increase Profits

Shoplifting and Employee Theft Take a Heavy Toll on Retail Businesses

In 2015, shoplifting accounted for well over a third of all inventory losses in retail environments. This staggering figure significantly cuts into the profit margins of all...

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