Intro To Access Control Systems

Access control systems are a type of security that manages and restricts access to a facility, room, or system. These systems are able to identify those who are meant to have access to a controlled area based on their credentials and those who are not.

For those who are new to access control, the subject can be intimidating due to the many technical terms. However, the following information can help you achieve an understandable knowledge of access control systems so you'll feel more at ease getting started.

The Basic Components Of An Access Control System

Access control systems are available in a wide variety of types and complexities. To have a general understanding of an access control system, it's necessary to know the basic components of the most common types. These components include the following.

  • Access cards: Similar to hotel room card keys, access cards can be used by a person with specific credentials to access a secure door. Access cards are encoded to prevent those without the proper credentials from gaining access.
  • Card readers: Card readers are the electronic devices mounted on the exterior beside a secured door that used to read the access cards. An insertion reader is when the card is inserted into the reader to be read. A proximity reader requires the card to be held between three to six inches in front o the reader.
  • Access control pads: An access control pad is a device that may be used in place of a card reader. They're mounted on the exterior beside a secured door and consist of numeric keys. To gain access to the secured area, a person will need to use a specific numeric code.
  • Electric lock hardware: Electric lock hardware is the equipment that's used electrically lock your secured door. They come in a variety of types including electric strikes, locks, electromagnetic locks, and electric exit devices.
  • Access control field panels: This equipment is used to process access control activity throughout an entire building and is therefore installed in every building where access control is used. All access control equipment is connected to an access control field panel.
  • Access control server computer: The access control server computer is the file managers and central database of the access control system. It's responsible for distributing information between each access control field panel and recording system.

Access control systems can seem overwhelming at first. However, an understanding of the basic components can increase your knowledge on these security devices exponentially. To learn more about access control systems, contact your local alarm monitoring service today.



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