Increase School Safety With Video Surveillance



School safety is a major concern, especially in recent years. Video surveillance can help to make schools and campuses that much safer.

With video surveillance systems set up around the school and campus, campus security is able to monitor activities all across the property. This helps to stop trouble in its tracks.

Here are a few other important benefits that come with setting up video surveillance in schools:

  1. Lower the risk of theft. Theft can happen anywhere, and sometimes kids are the culprits. By using video surveillance systems, you can help to reduce theft in your school by identifying the guilty parties. You can also prevent the theft from happening in the first place because everyone knows they’re being monitored.
  2. Protection for parking areas and hallways. Security guards can only protect the areas they can see. By having video surveillance systems on campus, your security guards are able to see in the hallways and parking lots to ensure optimal campus safety.
  3. Dispute resolution. Schools aren’t without conflict. With video surveillance systems, not only will your security guards be able to identify when a fight has started but you also won’t have to worry about relying on word-of-mouth to know who started a fight.
  4. Visitor screening. One of the most important parts of keeping a school safe is screening visitors. It’s important to know who’s entering the school, why they’re entering it, and what they’re there for. Video surveillance ensures you have the visitor’s face on camera in case someone isn’t who they say they are.
  5. School shooting prevention. School shootings have become unfortunately common in the United States. Video surveillance can help to identify a potential or active shooter before they’re able to enter the school. Once identified, security can call the authorities and take necessary action.

Video surveillance systems give campus security more than an extra pair of eyes to help them protect the school and those learning inside it. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of video surveillance systems and what you can do to improve security on your school campus, contact Allied Fire & Security today.




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