How To Prepare for your First Business Security Consultation

business security consultationAs a business owner, you have so many priorities to keep track of. You need to focus on offering high-quality products and services, you need to keep your customers and your employees productive, you need to keep track of finances, and you need to make all kinds of day-to-day and big picture decisions. However, there's one concern that needs to be at the top of every business owner's priority list: the safety of their assets and employees.

That's where companies like Allied Fire and Security enter the picture. We pride ourselves on helping businesses of any size protect their assets as well as the physical building itself. Just as importantly, we help business owners protect their most important asset: the people who work there. From fire protection to criminal break-ins, a company needs preventative security protocols in place.

An in-depth business security consultation can identify all the holes in your current security. Security consultants will also provide practical tips and services to fill those holes for good.

Here are some tips for preparing your company for its first business security consultation:

  • Provide employee lists -- Providing us with a list of names of all current employees is essential. Access control is an important part of your organization's security, and security consultants need an accurate picture of who has access to the property. Additionally, it's best to specify the background of each individual employee and their role within the company.
  • Organize and share a detailed timeline -- Let Allied Fire and Security know when you are thinking about making a final decision on a security solution, as well as your projected implementation timeline. Then we can evaluate and provide additional feedback on how that timeline aligns with our recommendations and services.
  • Have your lawyer prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement -- Many businesses are wary about letting a stranger into the heart of their operations. That's why drafting an NDA is an important step for many business owners. If an NDA will give you peace of mind before your first business security consultation, be sure to speak with your security provider ahead of time.
  • Outline your existing security services -- Before commercial security consultants can provide a reliable assessment, they need to understand your current security setup. This could include all access control systems, video surveillance, cybersecurity, and fire detection systems. Some of these systems may be redundant, while others may be in desperate need of an upgrade for the 21st Century.

Call if you have questions about a security consultation 

If you have additional questions about how to prepare for an upcoming commercial security consultation, talk to your provider well in advance of the site visit. To get a free on-site security survey and prepare for an upcoming security consultation in Seattle, give us a call today: (425) 988-6500.



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