How To Increase Safety at Your Business with Access Control

Digital security systems are becoming the standard across various business sectors, and for good reason: they’re reliable, consistent, and 100% worth the investment. Unfortunately, far too many businesses don’t come to this realistic realization until they’ve had a serious security breach and it’s too late. For everyone else, there’s still time to schedule a business security consultation. If you do reach out to security contractors to protect your business, access control systems will almost certainly be one of their recommendations.

In the era of active shooters, employee theft, and data breaches, here are just a few ways modern access control systems can increase your business’s security.

Accurate, Auditable Records

First and foremost, a high-quality access control system should have the ability to keep accurate records when it comes to determining who accessed the building and when. Even if your facility limits the number of keys they distribute to high ranking personnel, you can never be too sure whether or not they’re truly in good hands. And with the proper access control system, you can quickly and easily check how often certain doors are opened, whether they’ve been left open when they were accessed, and more relevant user data. It’s all as accessible as possible in an easy-to-read layout. Consider investing in a business security consultation to determine how your facility can and will benefit from these capabilities.

Override/Lockdown Capabilities

In addition to featuring a full range of record keeping abilities, many access control systems also have the potential to immediately perform a lockdown of the entire facility. This is a crucial capability that can protect valuable assets as soon as a breach is discovered. When compared to the time it would take to manually lock each and every one of your facility’s doors, an access control system is far safer, far more efficient, and far less prone to human error. With a reliable access control system, you can stop both internal and external threats from harming your employees and your business.

Reduce Losses and Employee Theft

The act of installing high tech access control systems can benefit your business in a number of ways. For businesses that require regular check-in procedures, it can streamline operations and save time. In addition, when people know their bad behavior will be swiftly caught, they tend to stay on their best behavior instead. This can eliminate mysterious losses and employee theft overnight.

Ultimately, understanding the many ways in which access control can make your business safer is the key to determining whether or not they’re right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a business security consultation to determine how our systems have your safety and security in mind every step of the way.



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