Home Security Consultation


home security consultation

There are plenty of responsibilities associated with homeownership, including finances, repairs and maintenance, and keeping enough food and groceries inside the house. Perhaps the most important aspect of owning a home, however, involves household security and protection.

Why you should have home security

Your home isn't just full of expensive and sentimental items, it's full of the most important people in the entire world -- your family.

A home can look amazing and have all the greatest fixtures and items inside, but if it's not properly secured and protected, it's not going to suffice. That's where Allied Fire and Security comes in.

Home security consultation 

We can provide a thorough home security consultation that will help drastically improve the way you protect your home and keep your family safe. Throughout the Washington and Oregon area, we provide top-of-the-line security systems to all kinds of residential properties. Before you install some surveillance cameras, wireless monitoring systems, and other security devices, your best bet is to allow us to provide a skillful home security consultation.

We'll go over your home's current risks and offer all kinds of assistance from security tips to installing high-quality tech cameras.

Our basic security plus offerings include one touchscreen and control integrated keypad, three wireless door and window sensors, a wireless smoke sensor, a wireless keychain remote, a pet immunity wireless motion sensor, yard signs and window stickers, as well as professional monitoring and installing.

And we won't stop there. We won't just protect your household from criminals -- though there are almost 40,000 annual property crimes in the Seattle area, so it is essential -- we will focus on protecting your property from natural disasters as well.

Following our comprehensive home security consultation, your property will be equipped with technologically advanced protection systems and you'll enjoy 24/7 wireless alarm monitoring services in order to keep your property safe while you're asleep or while your whole family is away.

No matter how nice your home is, your number one priority should be to keep your family and your property safe from harm. If you're in need of a quality home security consultation, give Allied Fire and Security a call today:

Spokane, Washington office -- 509-321-4182

Seattle, Washington office -- 425-988-6500

Portland, Oregon office -- 503-281-1177




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