Help Streamline Your Business with Alarm Monitoring

Burglar alarms help keep your business safe - that much we know. In fact, 83% of burglars say they would attempt to determine if there is an alarm on the premises before attempting a burglary, and 60% say it would motivate them to find another target. But alarm monitoring has other benefits, some of which may be even more valuable to your business.

Constant Awareness with Alarm Monitoring

Fotolia_175973499_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgWith many cloud-based alarm systems for business, you can watch your business at any time from your cell phone. As long as you have service, you will always know what’s happening in your office.

This doesn’t rely on you checking your phone at opportune moments either - you can set up notifications for specific events. For instance, if a window is left open when it shouldn’t be, you may receive a notification. If something doesn’t happen, you might also receive a notification - such as if a cleaner doesn’t show up on time.

The capabilities of this technology go far beyond security. It provides convenience and better organization as well. No more wondering if someone left the refrigerator door in the break room open - You’ll always know.

Professional monitoring

While self-monitoring may be convenient and economical, in terms of security it’s best not to rely on that alone. With self-monitoring, the security of the business depends on your availability, and you may run into insurance issues. However, with professional monitoring, your premises are always under the close scrutiny of security professionals who can notify you if anything goes wrong.

Combining this capability with self-monitoring abilities provides maximum security and convenience.

Multi-site management

As your business expands, alarm monitoring proves scalable as well. Through the magic of the cloud, it’s relatively simple to include multiple properties in the same system. Additional sites can be included in the same application.

Save money

Finally, monitoring systems allow greater flexibility to make economic decisions where your thermostat is concerned. You can adjust heating, cooling, and electricity consumption any time that you have internet access. This helps your business to be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient at the same time.

Alarm monitoring provides security for your business in an efficient and scalable way. It also contributes to its smooth operation. If you’ve put off protecting your business from the threat of crime, then it may be time to consider making a switch that improves your workflow in other ways as well. Call Allied and Fire Security at 503-281-1177 for an appraisal for your Portland business.

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