Guide to industrial security camera systems

Businesses need surveillance systems, not just to prevent crime, but to reduce liability in the workplace. In this guide we will cover common questions about industrial security camera systems including: What businesses should expect to pay, what features they should look for, who can install these systems, and many other questions.

What should I expect to pay for industrial security camera systems?

It’s best to differentiate off the bat between price and cost. You could pay as little as $300-400 dollars for surveillance cameras, but chances are these systems will have poor quality, leaving holes in your security. If you are unlucky enough to be a victim of a crime, then you are on the hook for damages in addition to the money you threw away on ineffective cameras.

A top of the line 12 or 16 camera system will likely cost quite a bit more, but will help deter crime as well as help catch the burglars that broke in.

Features to consider

There are many features that may prove critical to the effectiveness of your security system, but different properties have different needs. Only you can know which features are important to you. For instance:

  • Night Vision: Most break-ins are committed at night. If you want to properly identify intruders in the dark, you will need either night vision cameras with infrared LEDs, or good lighting on the premises.
  • Long range cameras: Indoors you probably don’t need these, but if you need cameras that can see further than 100 feet or so, invest in long range cameras.
  • Wide angle view: Consider also how wide of an angle you’ll need from your cameras.This can vary widely depending on the camera - some cameras can capture almost 80 degrees, while others can only capture 5 degrees or so.
  • Weatherproof enclosures: If you want to record outdoors, weatherproof enclosures will prevent the camera from being damaged in the weather are a must.

Reasons to have an industrial security system

If you own a factory or warehouse, a security system has several purposes. First, 24-hour footage of your inventory can allow you to easily account for any mysterious gaps in your supply. Second, recorded video of break-ins can make crimes much easier to solve and easier to report to insurance. Third, security systems can help with liability issues by recording any on-site accidents that might occur with your own employees.

Who can install a camera system?

Most security systems, even industrial security systems, can be installed by anyone. However, having a professional installer bring the system online will prevent costly snags down the road and is highly recommended.

If you do wish to install yourself, you will need to mount and align cameras, and then run wires through ceilings and walls. This last step is the most difficult, especially if you are also dealing with motion sensors and microphones.

Businesses can be the target of crimes just as homes can be - and the fallout from criminal activity can cost a lot of time and money, even with insurance. When you also factor in accidents, the cost of not having a surveillance system can be very high. An industrial security camera system will protect your property, and save you money.

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