Critical Security Update for WannaCry Ransomware Attack


You may have heard on the news recently about the WannaCry Ransomware attack. If you haven't, on Friday May 12th, many users of Windows based systems around the world were affected by a malicious "WannaCry" software. Microsoft has provided a detailed overview of this attack which you can read about here.

In response to the attacks Microsoft released patches for legacy Windows XP and Server 2003 systems. You can download these patches and updates here.

What should you do?

Allied strongly urges all customers who are running any type of DVR or security system with a Windows based operating system to immediately install the patches and updates from Microsoft. You should also install the patches and updates on all computers connected to your network. An infected machine can spread itself to any additional unpatched systems.

It's a good idea to always install ALL updates as soon as they come out so that you are prepared for future attacks.




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