Should I choose a wired or wireless security system?

Whether you should choose a wired or a wireless security system depends on your needs. Neither is better. Wireless systems may be easier to install, easier to monitor and control remotely, and easy to install in places where a wired security system may not be feasible. On the other hand, a wired security system uses technology that has been perfected, and is therefore more reliable.

Let’s dig into the differences in more detail.

Wired or wireless security system - the distinction

What is the difference between a wired and a wireless security system? The layman may say “Wires, of course!” and be largely correct. But it is somewhat more complicated than that. A wired system may have wireless components, but a fully wireless system will rely on a network of sensors that communicate wirelessly with a central control panel. This control panel will then communicate wirelessly with the outside world. A wired system, by contrast, might use hardwired connections instead.

Pros and cons of a wired system

As stated, the biggest benefit of a wired system is reliablity. Variations in signal strength won’t affect your security system’s ability to keep you safe. 

They are also essentially immune to the common network-based hacking attempts that can affect wireless systems, and have a longer shelf life. There is also less that can go wrong such as batteries dying or signal issues. 

On the other hand, hardwired security systems are more difficult and more expensive to install. There are also limited options to where a wire can be run. 

If the wiring of your home is pre-wired for easy installation of a hardwired system, this is probably the best choice. However, if it is not, then installation can entail a great deal of time and expense and it might be better to go with a wireless system.

Pros and cons of a wireless system

Wireless systems are more practical for many customers because they are so easy to install. No costly modifications need to be made to your home to install a wireless security system. Each component merely needs to be mounted and positioned.

This means that installation takes significantly less time and money. What's more, if you relocated to a new home, you can take your security system with you, which is not an option for wired systems.

Disruptions in signal do pose a challenge however, and if money and time are lesser considerations than maximum security, a wired security system may be a superior choice.

An individual choice

Most security companies will offer both wired and wireless security systems. Security professionals you speak to may make a recommendation based on your perceived needs, but the choice is ultimately yours. Will you choose the reliability of a wired system, or the versatility and convenience of a wireless system? Either way, you can rest assured that your home and family are protected.


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