Business Video Surveillance: How To Protect Your Business for the 21st Century (Part 3)




How Commercial Video Surveillance Can Protect Your Employees

We've already discussed how business video surveillance will protect your business from external and internal threats, but there's another benefit you may not realize. By using multilevel cloud surveillance technology, you can also ensure the safety of your employees, both inside and outside of your business premises.

Recent advancements in video technology has made HD cameras more affordable than ever before, meaning you can install a number of HD cameras wherever you need them. When it comes to protecting your employees, there are a few critical areas that require business surveillance systems.

Place cameras:

  • By the front door and all other points of entry/exit
  • By the parking lot and within parking garages
  • By the garbage in the back

While you already have wonderful security protocols in place for your business, utilizing our business video surveillance will protect your employees from harm when they're on your business's property. No employee should feel unsafe when they are going to or coming from work, nor while they're performing their duties.

When your employees aren't in the heart of your business operations, they're less likely to feel safe. While it's common practice for companies to close their businesses in pairs, outside threats can target your employees as they leave. Installing video surveillance in these vital locations will help your employees feel safer, deter criminals from harming your employees, and capture HD video surveillance of any crimes should you need evidence later.

Advanced technology can also be used to identify perpetrators of theft, thus preventing theft in the future. Likewise, it's not uncommon for business video surveillance systems to capture evidence of crimes committed nearby, such as car break-ins, bicycle thefts, and muggings. As a result, a properly installed commercial security system can make your entire neighborhood safer, further protecting employees. Finally, HD surveillance cameras will protect your company from fraudulent liability claims, which will ultimately harm your employees.

Do You Need a Commercial Security Assessment?

Our low-cost, high-performance business video surveillance is the leader in business security. No matter the scale of your business, our system is perfect for retail stores, office environments, restaurants, and more. Not only will your employees, customers, and assets become safer with our uninterrupted video surveillance, our cameras can help provide evidence in the event your business is threatened. If you're interested in remote monitoring, we've got technology for that as well.

If you need a commercial security assessment, don't hesitate to call Allied Fire & Security at one of our three locations in Spokane, Seattle, and Portland today.



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