Business Video Surveillance: How To Protect Your Business for the 21st Century (Part 2)




How To Protect Your Assets From Internal Threats

While you believe wholeheartedly that your employees have your company's best interests at heart, business owners should be a little paranoid. That kind of strategic thinking is essential in the business world, and any quality commercial security system must account for internal threats.

How Small Businesses Can Use Business Video Surveillance To Stop Employee Theft

High quality business surveillance systems are especially important in retail and restaurant environments where your employees deal with cash transactions directly. These critical areas need added theft protection, as do any areas where expensive assets are stored.

Even the most trusted employee can develop a drug or gambling problem, and no business owner expects a trusted employee to steal from them. Yet, sadly, this happens all the time. Fortunately, even the mere presence of business surveillance cameras can deter these crimes of opportunity -- so long as they are installed correctly.

How Can You Place Business Surveillance Cameras For Maximum Protection?

Allied Fire & Security's consultants carefully evaluate a workplace before installing cameras, as does any high quality commercial security services firm. You should station your new cameras at vital locations throughout your property to ensure your assets are protected. Not only will you be able to identify when a theft takes place, the presence of the cameras will also deter theft from happening in the first place.

If you own a number of different locations for your business, it's impossible to be everywhere at once. That's why it's essential to ensure that cameras are installed in all of your locations. Again, this is especially critical in retail environments. And no matter the locations of your stores, you will still be able to access your cameras remotely and monitor the goings on in your business day and night, any time of the year. Innovative, single platform technology gives business owners the insight and control they need.

The best business video surveillance systems are visible to the naked eye; however, the must also provide coverage of all important parts of the premises. This includes cash registers and Storerooms, but it should also include all entrances and exits, parking lots, and other areas where crimes are likely to occur.

If you aren't sure how to get started with commercial security, contact security consultants for an on-site inspection. This is the only way to ensure your security plan truly takes into account your business's unique security needs.

In this post, we discussed ways to protect your business from internal threats, but we know that the vast majority of your workers are committed to the company's success. In part three, we'll explain how commercial video surveillance can protect these employees from harm.



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