Business Video Surveillance: How To Protect Your Business for the 21st Century (Part 1)

Why Invest In Business Video Surveillance Systems?

Whether you need to protect your business from thieves, liability suits, internal theft, or pesky raccoons, utilizing business video surveillance systems lets you monitor the inside and outside of your business. And unlike the grainy, black and white CCTV footage of the past, you can now record video in high definition, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with uninterrupted video service. Even better, innovative cloud technology lets you access your video feed from anywhere in the world.

In short, modern business video surveillance systems have never been more powerful and more affordable. Yet many business owners are still working with ancient CCTV systems. In this three-part blog post, we're going to show you how modern commercial security can protect your business.

Part 1: Identifying Threats To Your Workplace With Business Video Surveillance Technology

In the modern workplace, there are three primary dangers business owners need to worry about when installing commercial security systems.

  1. Criminals such as shoplifters, trespassers, and burglars
  2. Internal threats from unscrupulous employees
  3. Liability risks

Fortunately, high-definition video will help you protect your business from all of the above. While old CCTV cameras struggled to clearly identify faces and license plate numbers, digital video systems help you identify criminals on your premises. On top of that, the mere presence of cameras can prevent crimes from happening in the first place. In the same way, visible cameras in the workplace deter internal theft.

If you're ever threatened with a lawsuit by someone on your property, business video systems can provide proof that your business did nothing wrong. This legal protection is essential for your business's success. Of course, this protection depends on high quality commercial security services. That's why our security consultants take the time to inspect our clients' premises to ensure cameras are set in strategic locations for the best possible monitoring. Paired with crystal-clear high-definition video, you can prove your innocence in the event of a lawsuit.

Modern Technology, Modern Protection

If you're worried about losing important files, you can combine business video systems with the latest cloud technology. Our cloud systems are backed by over 15 data centers worldwide to provide continuous backup and data storage. Our cameras record day and night to ensure the safety of your business. Just as importantly, we've found that the best security systems have fail safes in case something goes wrong. For instance, if one camera goes out, you should be alerted right away via automatic monitoring and notification systems. This is especially important if your business has multiple locations. Not only will you be able to prevent theft anywhere in the world, your data will be encrypted and protected with security only rivaled by those used in bank operations.

There are many ways to use business video surveillance to your advantage. And while commercial security is traditionally used to protect against outside threats, in the next post, we'll discuss ways to protect your business from internal threats, too.




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